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Priska Seisenbacher’s travel photos with Kalout Travel Agency

Our lovely traveler, Priska Seisenbacher, a professional photographer chooses Kalout Travel Agency for its travel to Iran. In her fourth trip to Iran, she travels to the only UNESCO World Heritage Natural site of Iran, Dasht-e Lut in order to see Iran from different angle. Priska tries to capture the unique beauty of Lut Desert through its […]

Letter of Appreciation for Kalout Travel in 2017

This National Premier Tablet of Domestic Tourism and Travel Agencies awards Kalout as one of the best travel agencies of 2017. The CEO of Kalout Travel, Mrs. Nabizadeh participates in the national ceremony held on the Iran International Tourism Day and receives this award.         The name of Iran and Iranians have […]

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A Gem Garden of Nishapur

Nishapur meaning “New City of Shapur” is one of the oldest city of Persia dating back to Sassanid Dynasty. It has been the home of great thinkers of Persia. Though Nishapur was demolished and burnt to ground in Mongol Invasion, it raised from ashes again after a while and became an important city in Islamic […]


Baluchis Nomad

The Baluchis (also Baluch, or Baluchi) are a seminomadic people (they travel with their herds on a seasonal basis but also have a home area where they grow some food crops). They live in the southern mountain range and coastal areas of South Asia’s western borderlands. Their traditional homeland is among Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. […]

Ganjnameh Inscriptions & Waterfall

  Ganjnameh  inscriptions (literally ‘Treasure Book’) is so named because its cuneiform rock carvings were once thought to be cryptic clues leading to caches of Median treasure. The Ganjnameh are set of cuneiform characters written in three languages (ancient Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian), set into a rockface on Mount Alvand, about 5 kilometers from modern-day […]

Tombs of Esther & Mordechai

The pivotal Biblical event of the period of the Babylonian Captivity was the marriage of a Jewish girl named Esther to the Persian Emperor Ahasuerus.  Because of her influence with the Emperor, an attempt to slaughter of all Jews in Persia was narrowly averted.  The would-be perpetrator of the genocide, the Emperor’s advisor Haman, was […]

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ZAR :Mysterious ceremony for the Wind!

Although the majority of Iranian are Muslims and follow Islamic practices, one can find a mysterious ritual practice  too.   What is Zar? In southern coastal regions of Iran such as Qeshm Island, people believe in the existence of winds that can be either vicious or peaceful, believer (Muslim) or non-believer (infidel). The latter are […]


Mesr Desert

Mesr Desert The Mesr Desert is located in the far east of Isfahan province in central Iran, 420 km far from Isfahan, and 371 km far from Yazd. Mesr is a desert and also an oasis in the central desert of Iran, Dashte-Kavir.   Reaching the Mesr Desert is easy, although you need to change […]