Kyrgyzstan Calls for Removal of Visa Barriers with Iran


Kyrgyzstan Calls for Removal of Visa Barriers with Iran

kyrgyzstan-calls-for-removal-of-visa-barriers-with-iran Kyrgyzstan Calls for Removal of Visa Barriers with Iran Visa Removal Kyrgyzstan Iran Calls Barriers

TEHRAN (FNA)- Kyrgyzstan’s Parliament Speaker Chynybai Tursunbekov underlined the requirement for evacuating the visa obstructions amongst Bishkek and Tehran in an offered to lift exchange trades by the two nations’ businesspeople.

The Kyrgyz parliament speaker emphasized that the Iranian speculators and voyagers can visit and put resources into Kyrgyzstan with no worry.

Tursunbelkov said that the Kyrgyz parliament and government welcome fortifying collaboration with Iran in political, parliamentary and monetary fields.

The Kyrgyz parliament speaker, heading a high-positioning designation, is in Iran at the welcome of his Iranian partner Ali Larijani.

1493547246_188_kyrgyzstan-calls-for-removal-of-visa-barriers-with-iran Kyrgyzstan Calls for Removal of Visa Barriers with Iran Visa Removal Kyrgyzstan Iran Calls Barriers   How to get a visa to travel to Iran?

In pertinent comments on Monday, the Iranian and Kyrgyz parliament speakers in a meeting in Tehran marked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to additionally widen shared political and monetary participation.

The understanding underlines the need for extending relations between the two nations’ parliaments, improving monetary and exchange ties, trading parliamentary encounters, censuring provincial radicalism and fear mongering and fortifying lawful endorsements for battling against development, creation and trafficking of opiates.

Tursunbekov underlined that his nation connects much significance to the extension of ties with Iran as an organized accomplice.

“We consider Iran as our organized accomplice,” Tursunbekov told correspondents subsequent to meeting with Larijani in Tehran.

“Iran and Kyrgyzstan are key accomplices in the financial, political, logical, social and parliamentary fields and we talked about the issue amid our transactions with the Iranian speaker,” he included.

Tursunbekov said that his nation is set up to expand relations and participation with Iran in all fields.

Additionally, a week ago, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with his Kyrgyz partner in Bishkek called for growing shared participation between the two nations, underlining that further collaboration between the two states would be in light of a legitimate concern for provincial peace and solidness.

“The advancement of relations amongst Iran and Kyrgyzstan will profit both countries and advance territorial and worldwide peace and soundness,” Zarif said amid the meeting in the Kyrgyz capital.

He repeated that 25 years of collaboration amongst Tehran and Bishkek and additionally a developing pattern of shared relations amongst Iran and Kyrgyzstan without a doubt will manufacture local and worldwide peace and soundness.

“Strength, advancement and prosperity in Kyrgyzstan and Iran are one and the same; for a similar reason Iran sees no restrictions to grow ties with Kyrgyzstan in all circles,” the Iranian remote priest said.

Zarif likewise said that Tehran and Bishkek have consented to proceed with counsels.

“We additionally consented to trade sees on territorial issues, radicalism, psychological oppression and illegal medications,” Zarif included.


Iran, Azerbaijan Agree on Removing Visa Barriers

Iran, Azerbaijan Agree on Removing Visa Barriers

iran-azerbaijan-agree-on-removing-visa-barriers Iran, Azerbaijan Agree on Removing Visa Barriers Visa Removing Iran Barriers Azerbaijan Agree

TEHRAN – Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Mahmoud Vaezi announced that Tehran and Baku have agreed on easing issuance of visas for the two countries’ nationals.

“Iran and Azerbaijan Republic reached the final agreement to issue visas at the borders and the agreement will be implemented in the near future,” said Vaezi.

The Iranian communications and information technology minister said that the two sides had also negotiated the promotion of banking and tourism relations.

In relevant remarks mid-February, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif said that the CBI “plans to establish a completely independent bank in the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

“The country plans to found a bank in Azerbaijan with 100 percent Iranian ownership,” Seif told reporters.

The CBI governor said the plan made a branch of the bank Melli Iran in Azerbaijan to an independent Azerbaijani bank.

Elsewhere, in his comments, Seif emphasized that on the agenda for Iran and Azerbaijan are certain plans to use their national currencies in mutual business.

“Central banks of both countries are planning to create accounts in national currencies to facilitate trade between Iran and Azerbaijan,” said the CBI governor.

The branch of the bank Melli Iran began to operate in 1993 in Azerbaijan.

At present, 32 banks (including 15 banks with foreign shares) operate in Azerbaijan and 36 banks (including branches of five foreign banks and one common bank) in Iran.