Iran, South Korea agree to launch direct flights

Iran, South Korea agree to launch direct flights

iran-south-korea-agree-to-launch-direct-flights Iran, South Korea agree to launch direct flights South launch Korea Iran flights direct Agree

Senior officials said senior airlift officials from Iran and South Korea have agreed to start direct flights between the two countries.

Asadullah Abbasi, head of the Iran-South Korean parliamentary friendship group, said Sunday that South Korea has confirmed direct flights between Tehran and Seoul, according to Fars News Agency.

He stressed that South Korea is interested in Iran’s natural and historical tourism.

Officials of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Iranian National Flag will hold joint meetings with their counterparts in South Korea.

In mid-June, media reports said South Korean financial officials are negotiating with their counterparts in Iran to create a $ 13 billion credit line to invest in Iran.

Kimia Eximbank (KEXIM) will provide the lion’s share of the $ 8 billion loan to Iran. The Persian newspaper Sharq Persian reported that the remaining funds, $ 5 billion, will be offered by Korean Trade Company in the coming weeks.

Iran and South Korea have also agreed to build a hospital.

The $ 13 billion credit line allocated by South Korea to Iran will open the way for operations by Japanese and European banks.

South Korea announced in May that it had provided a package of loans worth $ 25 billion to develop Iran’s infrastructure projects.

During the visit of the former South Korean President Gun Hae Park to Iran, the statement went to Iran.

During his stay in Tehran, Park supervises the two-dozen agreement between Iran and South Korea to strengthen cooperation on energy, energy, the automotive industry, and railways.

The first direct flight from Tehran to Brussels began

The first direct flight from Tehran to Brussels began

the-first-direct-flight-from-tehran-to-brussels-began The first direct flight from Tehran to Brussels began Tehran flight direct Brussels began

The first Tehran-Brussels route operated by an Iranian airline was officially launched on Tuesday.

The service is offered once a week by Qeshm Air, but it could increase to three weekly flights in the future, said the CEO of airline Mahmoud Shekarabi by ISNA.

The airline uses an Airbus A319 for the flight. Shekarabi said that Brussels airport is a transport hub, making Brussels the last ideal foreign destination of the airline.

Qeshm Air operates 21 international routes, said its website.

“Some 25,000 Iranians live in Belgium,” the CEO added.

The duration of the flight is approximately six hours and a return ticket costs 16.9 million rials ($ 450), reported the Mehr news agency.

Before that, travelers spent between 15 and 30 hours traveling between the two cities, with up to two routes.