The Grand Canyon of Iran About the Grand Canyon of America


Khazine Valley, The Grand Canyon of Iran
About the Grand Canyon of America, a lot of things have been said or written.But about his brother in Iran “Khazine Valley,”there is very little content.
The Khazine Valley is a unique natural attraction, located in the middle of the road to the town of Andomyshk- Khoozestan and next to a village by the same name.

Khazine Valley Lorestan Province

The valley has a suspended bridge known as the tallest bridge in Iran, as well as the Middle East.
This valley has many similarities to the American Grand Canyons, which you can see in the screenshots below.

Khazine Valley and river
Khazine Valley and river

Crossing the Karkhe River through this valley gives it a special effect.
One of the important attractions of this valley is the existence of a bridge with a length of 112 meters and a height of 85 meters and a width of 80 meters, which is referred to as the tallest bridge in Iran and even the Middle East.

Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon Khazine Valley

Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon
As we said, the Khazine Valley is very similar to the Grand Canyon in the United States and is an example of it in Iran.
In one part of the valley, this resemblance reaches its high, and the image is very similar to the Screw Horseshoe in the Grand Canyon, facing the visitors.

The Grand Canyon  The Khazine Valley
Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon

Walking on the bridge
Imagine being on top of a 29 story building, but what you see below is a watery river.Walking on this suspended bridge brings exciting moments to you.
The wind in this area will increase your adrenaline and will shake the bridge to around.

Walking on the bridge Khazine Valley

Best season:
Lorestan is located in a mountainous region that has a moderate climate during spring and summer.The Khazine Valley is located in an area exposed to sunlight, it is better to choose spring and early autumn for this trip.

Khazine Valley,The Grand Canyon of Iran Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon

How to go:
The Khazine Valley Village-Pole Dokhtar City- Lorestan Province.

Khazine Valley,The Grand Canyon of Iran


The foodie traveller … in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar | Travel

“What are they waiting for?” I ask a spice seller, pointing at the long queue zigzagging down the street. “Moslem restaurant. Best tah-chin of Tehran,” he replies proudly.

In Farsi, tah means bottom, while chin suggests the idea of layering; tah-chin is the unpretentious, crusty rice layered with chicken that has absorbed every last drop of the warm saffron and melted butter lying at the bottom of the pan. The result is a slice of saffron goodness that is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and usually covered in fresh pistachios and sour barberries, which complement the sweetness of the moist, buttery rice.

Hidden in the meandering alleys of the Iranian capital’s Grand Bazaar, behind the screaming street traders selling dried figs, raw pistachios and brightly coloured hijabs, Moslem is on the first floor of a dull-looking building and, although popular with Iranians, it remains largely unknown to the growing number of foreign tourists. No one there speaks English, so I ask my neighbours in the queue if they can help me out.

Moslem restaurant is in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar.

Moslem restaurant is in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. Photograph: Alamy

A friendly Iranian family guide me through the process – declaring loudly what part of the chicken I would like, while collecting complimentary mint-and-dill yoghurt sauces sprinkled with rose petals.

At the long communal table, after being greeted as a foreigner and offered food samples by my fellow diners, a waiter brings me the biggest portion of mouth-watering tah-chin in Tehran. “Welcome to Iran!”

The restaurant is on Panzdah-e-Khordad Street, but ask anyone at the bazaar and they’ll point you in the right direction