The Americans’ trip to Iran is not stopped


The Americans’ trip to Iran is not stopped

Iran does not reject visa applications by US citizens and there has been no change in the number of tourists entering the United States, according to the official of the Iranian Association of Tour Operators.

ast week, the US State Department issued a travel warning by advising the Americans against Iran’s visit, saying the two Iranian and US nationals are being persecuted.

He added that he had “received reports” that Iran denies visas to the Americans in response to an executive order of US President Donald Trump restricting travel to the United States for the Iranians and five other Muslim majority countries.

However, according to the head of the Iranian Association of Tour Operators Ebrahim Pourfaraj, the claims of the US State Department are false.

“Despite the US threatening us and taking action that violates the spirit of JCPOA, Iran has not reacted and will never respond by targeting US tourists,” he said, referring to Common global plan of action, the official name of the benchmark The Iran nuclear agreement signed with six major world powers two years ago.

“Visa applications from US travel companies have not been denied. Each application is reviewed in detail by the Department of Foreign Affairs, and so far this year all applications have been approved,” Added Pourfaraj.

Iran has relaxed its visa rules and issued a visa upon its arrival to citizens of more than 180 countries in 10 of its international airports. The duration of the airport visa is 30 days, but can be extended for an additional 60 days.

Citizens of the United States, Britain, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Afghanistan and Pakistan must obtain a visa before leaving for Iran



Amazing 12,000-year-old, Meymand Village – IRAN TRAVEL | TRIP TO IRAN


Amazing 12,000-year-old, Meymand Village

Man and nature joined together to create one of the most amazing and extraordinary places in the world in southern Iran.
Meymand is a rocky village in the district of Meymand in the central part of the city of Babak in the province of Kerman in southeastern Iran.
Meymand dates back to 8,000 to 12,000 years, is another example of the historic tourist attraction in Iran.
The village of Meymand and the Kandovan rocky village in Tabriz are among the few architectural forms of the rock that are widely used in the entire structure of the villages.

As an example, the most important attributes of these villages in comparison with those of the Cappadocia village of Turkey are the residential units of these two villages.In other words, life is still in this village.
The village was registered on July 4, 2015, at the thirty-nine UNESCO World Heritage Summit as the 19th UNESCO World Herald of Iran.
Meymand Village attracts thousands of tourists eager to see its cavern-like houses and experience the traditional rural culture of the region.
This ancient man-made building is certainly among the first human settlements in Iran.It is not yet known who created this collection, and what were the motives of these people for the construction of such structures.
But the motives of the people are very important,Because with simple facilities, the creation of such magnificent collection with an outstanding architecture is admired.

Some people believe that Mithraism used these caves only for the worship and burial of the dead.And after a while due to the emergence of water and air or any other effective environment, these caves have been chosen to reside.The religion of Mithraism was prevalent in Iran before the advent of Ayn Zoroastrianism and continued until long after its emergence.
At the time of Sasanian, Shahrbabak was considered as the birthplace of Babak Sassanid.After the advent of Islam and its entry into Iran, the people of Meymand who believed in the Zoroastrian religion accepted Islam.

Traditional houses in the village are carved out of the rocks and include corridors, pillars and a stove used to cook and heat the house during glacial winters.Locals say their ancestors did not use hammers and scissors, but a type of pointed stone to sculpt images in rocks. The method is still practiced today in the region.
The current inhabitants of the village build their cave houses, known as Kicheh, by chiseling six to nine-meter horizontal cuts into the hillside’s soft sedimentary rock.Meymand’s sedimentary rocks are soft enough to be shaped by hand and hard enough to support the roof of cave units.
There are about 400 Kitchens in Meymand. Each Kicheh covers an area of about 16 to 20 square meters and is nearly two meters high.

The houses are built on one another and accommodate 130 to 150 people, many of whom lead a nomadic life, escaping warm weather by switching to higher pastures in summer.
The houses usually consist of a single square or round room with carved windows as much as possible. Some houses are windowless and dark due to lack of natural light and soot-coated walls.

Larger houses have more than one room and sometimes an adjacent shelter or animal shelter. The doors are generally rectangular and wooden, with a latch that locks on a hole drilled in a stone frame.
Tourists, who arrive in the village can either stay in guest houses or enjoy staying in cozy, soot-stained cave houses.Guest house rooms are covered with pressed wool felt, called Namad in Persian, and carpets.Meymand also has a public bath, a school, a restaurant, a museum and a number of shops mostly offering herbal medicine and traditional handicrafts.


Iran a four seasons land with special natural features


Iran a four seasons land with special natural features

Each part of this ancient land has unique features, which distinguishes it from other areas.This four seasons land has very beautiful mountainous, forests and desert areas.
The northern forests of Iran (Hyrcanian or Caspian forests) with an area of about one 1.848.000 hectares on the southern margin of the Caspian Sea, and along the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountain range from َََAstarara to the west to Golestan in the east.
These forests are part of the deciduous broadleaved forests with a mild Mediterranean climate.Generally, the northern forests of Iran have 80 tree species, 50 species of shrubs, and hundreds of grass species perennial.
You can use travel agency programs to visit Iran’s forests.

Get to know the woods of Iran:

Calm and silence, Abbasabad, Mazandaran
Over the clouds /Cloud Forest, Semnan
Autumn in the forests of  Aalem , Asalem, Khalkhal
Just Rest, Leopard Valley, Mazandaran
In the Paradise Hall, Gisoom Beach, Gilan Province
Sometimes the forest is rooted in water. Hara, Hormozgan
Fog, different Dress for the forest.Masal, Gilan
A picture of the forest in the mirror. Alandan, Mazandaran Province
History in the heart of the forest, Rudkhan Castle, Gilan Province
Autumn is coming.Alngdareh, Golestan
It’s time to wear winter clothes. Dalkhani Forest, Mazandaran Province
One thousand autumn colors.Gian, Hamedan Province
The roof of the dream.Fagus forests, Mazandaran Province
Sunshine and snow in the forest, Mercy Forest, Mazandaran Province
Silence and peace. Masoole, Gilan Province


BAZOFT, Nature And Culture Treasure of Iran


BAZOFT, Nature And Culture Treasure of Iran

A trek to a not so far goal could possess your psyche for a while. In the event that you are daring and an eco-tourist, we have an uncommon offer for you; go to Bazoft arrive.

Because of its delightful and interesting nature, waterfalls and oak woodlands brilliantly chronicled landmarks and itinerant life, Bazoft is an extremely excellent and a legitimate goal for whom looking through a unique land and a place loaded with experience.

Bazoft area is a locale in Kuhrang County, Chaharmahal, what’s more, Bakhtiari Province, Iran? It is situated in 190 km separation of Shahre-Kord, a focus of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, furthermore, by the Shahre-Kord Masjed Soleiman Road. The name of this area begins with a name of a stream go through this locale.

Precisely, Bazaft is a river starts from Monte Zard-Kuh, and go through Shahre-Kurd and Borujen Counties and toward the end scopes to Karun River. In its way stream, BakhtiaryBazoft River makes intriguing and appealing scenes; it goes through meandrous valleys and backwoods and water numerous towns; because of legitimate atmosphere and vegetation, this locale has dependably been the fundamental street of wBakhtiari () movement.

Nomad Life:

In the event that you need to understanding and touch Bakhtiari migrant life and make the most of their neighborhood sustenances, it would be brilliantly pulling in to be with them amid their relocation time; in light of the fact that their movement street of Bazoft region is from Monte Zard-Kuh, nearby individuals call this street “Mal Ro”. Time of relocation is toward the start of April and it begins from Khuzestan fields and finishes in fields of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari; for the most part, movement takes around 15 to 20 days. Amid relocating, Bakhtiari Nomads go through high and towering mountains and thundering streams.

Oak Forests:

In the event that you adore ecotourism, you would appreciate oak woods of Bazoft locale. These timberlands were made by extraordinary atmosphere conditions, and as indicated by Mehr News Agency this region has the most lovely vegetation assets in Zagros Mountains.

Zard Limeh (Boieneh) Water-fall:

Come waterway stream and appreciate hearing its thundering sound is a standout amongst the most pleasurable encounters that you can have in an excursion to place that is known for Bazoft. Zard Limeh Waterfall is one the most lovely water of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, and obviously our nation Iran, that consistently draw in numerous mountain climbers to this land. With around 50  meters height , around 200 meters width, Zard Limeh Waterfall is one of the most stretched out waterfalls of Iran.

Keeping in mind the end goal to achieve the waterfall you need to climb a lengthy, difficult experience and it requires a long and overwhelming climbing with 66 high physical capacities and climbing hardware.

There are two get to streets to the waterfall. One is from upper statures and from Rostam-Abad Village, and the other one is from bring down statures and from Gazestan Village. The two headings

have a similar level of trouble; the main contrast is that the lower stature course expects hardware to go through the Bazoft River.

Khodaafrin Bridge:

Khodaafrin Bridge is situated in south-east of Gazestan Village. Gazestan Village is situated in 140 kilometers separate from Shahre-Kord,center of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.
This extension were made because of avalanches and falls of immense shakes over Bazoft River in antiquated circumstances, in Persian dialect Khodaafrin alludes to something made by common strengths which is reasonable for human utilize. This extension is the main street for Bakhtiari Nomads amid their relocation cycle.




Chal-Nakhjir Cave

In the event that you travel from Isfahan to Tehran or the other way around, on your way close Dilijan, Delijanone of the great wonders of the world calls you toward itself. Amongst NarDilijan Town, appropriate in a place where depleting summer warmth of Heram Village, on the off chance that you venture inside a multi-million years of age, give in, Chal-Nakhjir Cave, notwithstanding for a few minutes, it is as though you venture in another season. It is correct, Chal-Nakhjir or Nakhcheer Cave is one of the marvels of creation that unexpected each person. This live regular multi-million years of age phenomenon was found amid investigations of Regional Water Organization of Dilijan District, at that point after reproduction of passage and inside lighting and building stairs to get to the give in, this place turned into a vacation destination that draws in loads of sightseers and guests.

Truth be told, the primary structure of the give in is fundamentally the same as Ali-Sadr Cave in Hamedan City and Province, and the main distinction is their shape and inside surface, not their materials. On one hand, Ali-Sadr Cave has consistent water and to visit the surrender, guests need to utilize vessels, while, 15 degree it is not valid about Chal-Nakhjir Cave. Guests in Chal-Nakhjir Cave can walk effortlessly inside and appreciate watching its marvels.

The temperature on Chal-Nakhjir Cave is aro15-degree centigrade. Inside lighting, intriguing gems and limestone of the surrender ponder each guest. The dynamicity of the give in is the end goal that is like clockwork 3cm are add to its lime precious stones. Therefore, Chal-Nakhjir Cave is viewed as alive among geologists. Recreation of this marvel and introducing twisting stairs through its way encourage going to 1200 meters of the surrender for guests. Calcareous surface, stalactites, wipe calcites, coral gardens, various passageways, and lakes are different marvels of this stunning wonder and every one of them make many astounding shapes, for example, blessed messenger’s wing, horsehead, Chehel Cheragh (hallway of numerous lights), Macaroni, and footballers. Because of the absence of light and nourishment, there is no live being inside the give in. Normal inward air ventilation amid summer and winter is another ponder of such astounding hollow; subsequently, the buckle is cool amid summer and it is warm amid winter, and furthermore, guests never confront absence of oxygen amid their visit.

In 2002, the buckle has been enrolled in National Heritage Organization of Iran, and by endeavors of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Markazi Province, intriguing minutes are given for guests brief offices and shocking perspectives. It is worth to say that keeping in mind the end goal to secure and protect such great common marvel, conveying any versatile gadgets, for example, sack, knapsack,camera, foodstuffs, and so forth are averted. It is exceptionally prescribed to visit this awesome place particularly to the individuals who are keen on eco-tourism.


Budget brand easyHotel is intending to venture into Iran


Budget brandeasy hotel is intending to venture into Iran

LONDON – easyHotel has reported plans to open branches in Iran and Sri Lanka, with an expected 500 rooms in Iran alone.

The “super spending plan” inn said on Monday it has marked manages British organizations 3SV Limited and MHA Hatfield Limited for advancements in the two nations, which will involve a mix of new-form lodgings and takeovers. easyGroup, the holding organization for spending aircraft easyJet, holds a 34.6% stake in easyHotel.

Notwithstanding the 500 arranged rooms in Iran, the organization hopes to open more than 200 rooms in Sri Lanka, 100 of which ought to be prepared by 2022.

“easyHotel has gained great ground throughout the most recent year against its gets ready for the universal extension of the brand,” said Guy Parsons, CEO of easyHotel.

“I am satisfied to declare a further expansion of our establishment arrange, empowering us to set up the brand’s essence in new domains where there is developing interest from cost cognizant customers for esteem inn settlement,” he said.

The Iranian government is attempting to develop its tourism industry and wants to pull in more than 20 million vacationers by 2025. Then, Sri Lanka pulled in more than 2 million guests in 2016 alone. easyJet does not right now travel to Iran or Sri Lanka, in spite of the fact that is cooperated with Emirates Iran.

easyHotel’s center markets are the UK and Europe and it as of now possesses five lodgings in the UK, with an extra 20 diversified inns in the UK and abroad, incorporating into Dubai and Kathmandu. It would like to venture into “leaving new markets,” said Parsons, and has1,936 rooms being developed.


What are tourists writting after traveling to Iran?

What are tourists writing after traveling to Iran?

Reading travelers’ travel logbooks is always a great opportunity to better understand the cultural and historical features of Iran
“Iranophobia” and “Islamophobia” are not a new milestone for the world’s media that are always trying to understand the people of the world Iran is a scary place.With all of this, there are always people who are still choosing to travel Iran.
People whose warnings have not prevented them from traveling to Iran.Consequently, the contrast of the image of these tourists with their observations is very different.These differences have made their travelogues full of loving and contemplative points of Iranian culture.


The compliments of the Iranians have made us crazy

The tourists post their travels to Iran, on their blogs and personal pages.One of the points that most tourists mentioned about traveling to Iran is about the “compliments” of Iranians.This old Iranian tradition has troubled the tourists.
James who had traveled Iran says: The compliments of the Iranians are like nightmares for me.But Marihia writes about this custom of Iranians on his blog saying: “You always have to insist on paying taxi and restaurant money, but Iranians pretend they do not want to get money from you.”With the compliments of the Iranians, it is as if the host is required to provide anything that the guest likes and the guest is equally duty to reject them all.But Maria says” Iranian compliments is their attempt to show their generosity”There is a complicated law in Iran called compliments, of in your compliments, you have to do something or suggest something that you do not even come up with yourself,Even a taxi driver and marketer will offer you to their services free of charge,But you have to be careful and do not accept, because accepting these compliments in Iran is not good.Dealing with the compliments of the Iranians for foreign travelers is such as walking on the minefield.

What are tourists writting after traveling to Iran

What are tourists writting after traveling to Iran


Bakery and drawings of one of the Iranian currency units

One of the serious problems with purchasing you in Iran was not the coin and the wise money so that getting 2000 rials or 500 rials(less than one cents) in Iran’s purchases is almost impossible.However, you think, What do they do when they do not have the money to give you back?They give you a sweet instead of money?Ye, it is, A sweet! (With laughter)They always have a pack of these sweet things, If they do not have a small amount of money, they will throw one of them in your bag as if you are paradise, for those who love the sweet! ”

Tehran the highest number of surgical nose

One of the interesting things for the tourists is the Iranian’s Glue on their nose.One of the tourists has said that he has seen a lot of people with a plaster on their nose.One day, at one of the restaurants in one of the big cities, I saw a young girl aged twenty, who had exactly the same glue on her nose, and told me that she held these glues more than she should hold on her nose, Show that nose surgery.All Iranians have a special focus on the nose and this is a “national obsession” for them.

Most questions that Iranians ask

“Everywhere in the world people are lovely, but wait to go to Iran” is a statement that Daris has written after his presence in Iran.He says all the Iranians have several reactions in the face of foreign tourists.”As soon as you arrive in Iran, a number of things are quite clear. Iranians are very curious about foreign tourists.When you cross the border, the local people on the street warmly welcome you and say “Welcome to Iran.” The people of Iran always have three main questions: where are you from? What religion do you have? What do you think about Iran?

Hospitality is part of the Iranian people’s culture, But they are worried and embarrassed by the image that the media shows.But the Iranian people know who they are and they are proud of being Iranian.

Iranians are not bombers

One of the things that foreign tourists do after traveling to Iran is to eliminate the common misconceptions that the world has about Iran.Some of these perceptions about Iran are so scary that when you speak of Iran as a tourist, you see the fear in the face of others.People think Iranians are Arabs! But they are not.People think they are bombing in Iran, but they will never do that.People think Iranians hate the West, but they are not.These are part of the truth of the Iranian people, which you yourself should observe and touch.

What are tourists writting after traveling to Iran

What are tourists writting after traveling to Iran


The Iranian people are so kind

Most tourists say Iranians are the warmest and most welcoming people ever seen.”The Iranians are willing to ride hundreds of miles with their car with you, even if their route is completely different.Or better, They bring you to the path you are looking at, which is tens of kilometers away, and then they say, “Yes, this was my route to buying some things:
For Iranians, the guest is very respectable.And in the Iranian people’s culture, it is the God’s friend.
Maybe when you read this, say why?All this has one similar reason: that the Iranians are wonderful.They are sometimes too good!Nicholas also says about the moral character of the Iranians,”You do not even need a handbook in Iran. You just have to be in a stunned face on the street to see how an Iranian invites you to his home.In Iran, wherever you are, when you pull out the map, there is always someone to help you. If you look a little thirsty, there’s always someone to invite you to a tea.After a few minutes, your new Iranian friend invites you to his home.

The Grand Canyon of Iran About the Grand Canyon of America


Khazine Valley, The Grand Canyon of Iran
About the Grand Canyon of America, a lot of things have been said or written.But about his brother in Iran “Khazine Valley,”there is very little content.
The Khazine Valley is a unique natural attraction, located in the middle of the road to the town of Andomyshk- Khoozestan and next to a village by the same name.