Damavand tour can take you high enough to get away from it all, unwind and cool off for a while. Being close to nature specifically mountains will recharge your batteries. The steepest volcanic mountain, mythical Damavand peak, deserves to be hiked more than 20 times from different faces. This attractive mountain is a national wealth. Pure sulfur atop Damavand and its application in various industries centuries ago, was one of the sought-after ways of earning a living. Damavand volcano is a majestic stratovolcano located 70 km NE of Tehran and 70 km south of the Caspian Sea. Mt Damavand is the highest peak in the Middle East and the second highest volcano in Asia (after Kunlun volcano in Tibet). Damavand last erupted about 7,300 years ago. There are no historical eruptions, but fumaroles at the summit crater suggest that the volcano is still active. Damavand tours are our proficiency and kalout is proud of being pioneer in operating Iran Damavand tours.