Whether you are galloping with horse, exploring the farms, or riding with nomads, Kalout’s Iran horseback riding tour have the expertise to bring you an exceptional equestrian adventure. We have gained considerable experience in over 18 years of running horseback riding vacations in Iran. Hamedan, Shiraz and Golestan are cities where you can ride horses and enjoy historical beauties as well. There is no better way of getting into the fabric of a wonderful part of the world than by feeling its earth under the feet of your horse, its slopes in your legs, its sun on your skin.  In Iran horseback riding tours, you can get to know Iranian horses, among which Torkamans are the most beautiful ones. When you retire each day from an invigorating ride on your capable horse, you’ll relax in lodging villages steeped in history. Traditional chefs prepare mouthwatering cuisine and you can drink cups of tea with the locals in popular pubs while being surrounded by fellow enthusiasts from around the world, creating the ingredients for an amazing horseback riding vacation adventure.