Iran mountaineering tour which introduces two Iran’s major mountain ranges and their magnificent peaks such as Damavand, Dena, Alamkuh, Zardkuh, is virtually unknown and worth to be discovered. Hiking, trekking or climbing Iran’s mountains in the heart of Iranian Plateau, watching the middle east from top of the highest peak, silent volcanic Damavand would be a unique experience you may never have in your whole life. The growing number of mountaineering expert guides who know the mountains’ ins and outs, facilitate the climbing and rise the security. Iran mountaineering tours offer many different opportunities to visit Iran’s mountains while you are traveling through the ancient Persian empire. We will show you the ropes of climbing Iran’s peaks. whether you are an experienced or a beginner, we have a tour fit your level of ability. Countries like Iran which have different landscapes can offer different tours along with tours with special purposes.