Travel to Iran wasn’t as easy as today. It is now a piece of cake. The process is now facilitated and many experts can give you tips prior to your trip. Iran travel would be such an unknown kind of travel you may never experience in your whole life again. You can obtain a great deal of information now  in the internet regarding attractions, things to do, and even you can travel as a back packer readily. Trip to Iran help you get familiar with many different languages, traditions, religions, various beliefs, cultures and in the end visit them all during 4 seasons at the same time. Being politically and economically hub in the ancient world and locating on silk road, one of the world’s ancient trading routes, Iran was a prosperous country which was always threatened by it’s neighbors or was under attack by enemies. As a result, different nationalities ruled Iran in different eras. That’s why today people with differences in many ways are living together. So don’t hesitate, pack your things and travel to Iran ASAP.