Iran wildlife tour represents it’s animals, birds, plant species, piled up in forests and mountains and plains and etc.  Many of You maybe don’t know how the tour inside a wild world looks like, but you have to be prepared for all the wonders you haven’t expected in cultural or historical ones. Whether you fancy being close to the nature, visiting animals and birds or just enjoy watching them you can take part in Iran wild life tour. nature lovers who spend hours hunting great moments to shot a breathtaking photos or see rare birds flying freely or Asian cheetahs wandering around a water pond would be quite surprised by the wonders they are going to be faced. We combined some of these excursions in world of wild with other cultural and historical tours in order to kill two stone at the same time. Iran wild life tour is strongly ecofriendly as well as informative. National parks and Forests such as Hirkanian ancient forest or deserts teemed with animals and birds and plants, some of which you can only visit in Iran.