Monuments preserved as Iran world heritage sites are handpicked ones which are in charge of delivering past legacy to present. It is quite worthy to visit them all since they have unbelievable stories to tell. Great number of countries share these public wealth, some of which once used to be the birth place of today’s worldwide famous religions, schools, beliefs, kingdoms and empires. Iran were host of one of the ancient civilizations and is an age-old country in Asia, with 22 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Encompassing high mountain ranges, lush forests, vast deserts and two large bodies of water: The Caspian Sea, the largest lake on earth and the Persian Gulf, Iran possess an extraordinary land of diverse natural wonders. You’ll be able to visit all these 22 Iran’s UNESCO-listed sites in one or multiple tours. We offer exciting packages with different durations and travel tips and places you may not be able to visit by your own.