About a quarter of Iran’s expanse is covered by desert areas. Central and Lut desert are two of the most attractive natural landscapes. Iran’s Lut Desert is often called the hottest place on Earth-though that depends on how you are defending hottest. To be precise, the Lut holds the record for having the Earth’s hottest surface temperature, which can climb as high as 159 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius). In any case, this scorching superlative is not the only thing that makes this region unique. The desert is speckled with gigantic rock formations, some of the tallest sand dunes in the world, salt plains. Yardangs are one of the distinctive characters of Lut. Sunset behind these flat-toped figures is a must-see as well as gazing at starry sky is a rare opportunity. Camp outside under the stars and you will feel tiny between the surreal rock formations. Visitors, of course, are advised not to explore Lut Desert in the summer and by their own; however, beware that in winter and spring the nighttime temperatures drop below zero. Great adventures take place in-depth Lut desert and rare wonders can be witnessed with bare eyes of brave explorers however those who come armed with their lenses to capture the ginger sunsets can shot one of the best of their works.