Tabriz, this sprawling city, rich in Azeri culture, with its famous carpets, teahouse, hammams, love of music and excellent transport links, makes a perfect introduction to Iran. Situated on a high plateau between Lake Urmia and lofty Mt Sahand, and bounded by stark, eroded hills, Tabriz has milder summers than cities further east, though its winters can be formidable. Its stunning brick- ceiling arcs are standing strongly up through years. A short window shopping along Chamber-like shops, filled with Persian Carpets and leather shoes, reminds you how art was moving forward by history side by side. Travel to Tabriz, makes the summer heat much desirable. The gifted geographical location, helps Tabriz to host many local travelers from early spring to the late summer. Rich historical background, dating mostly back to Qajar era, and influential role in domestic war, is the third fascinating historical destination after Shiraz and Isfahan. Their bravery will remain in Iranians’ heart and mind forever. So pack your luggage and take Tabriz tour.