Farzaneh Nabizadeh

Managing director

I am Farzaneh Nabizade, the managing director of Aftab-e Kalout Eco Tour and Travel Company. I grew up in the beautiful and lush green northern region of Iran.
My mother was very much a traveler and she always took us kids with her, so I have many memories of my childhood trips. She showed us the beauties of nature and taught us to notice the kindness of others, no matter how small, and to respect human beings. I acquired the pleasure of traveling from my mother.

I graduated from the University of Tehran with a BA in Sociology and later with a MA in Demography from Azad University.
I also have a certificate from ICHTO on Technical Management of Tourism.
I began working as a project manager in Architectural and Urban Planning Consultants firms in a variety of projects on studies of basic population social phenomena.
Furthermore, I have done research on cultural specific issues, historical background, agriculture, and national urban and rural master plans and urban development.

On occasion, I have also presented courses. In 2005, I taught a course titled “Introduction to Iranian Ethnic Groups and Culture” at the “Center for Eco Tourism and Tourism Guide Training”.
Sketching, folk music and nature photography are my main hobbies.
My favorite sports are swimming, volleyball, hiking, jogging and bicycling.
In college, I started hiking by joining mountaineering teams and later on, I continued avidly as a professional mountain club member.
I was a member of Arash Mountaineers Group and I ascended some famous peaks including, Sabalan, Alam Koh, Oshtran Koh , Dena, and some highest peaks of Central Alborz.

In some of these expeditions, I was responsible for leading the teams.
I have passed the basic training for trainer course in rock climbing, Ice and snow.
I am also the director of research and publication department of the company. Articles and brochures published by Kalout Company on historic/cultural/natural/ethnographic subjects are the results of my field and bibliographic studies.
As a member of Iran Eco-Tourism experts Commission, I believe in responsible travel.

In my opinion, the development of Eco-Tourism in a region prohibits unnecessary migration to larger cities. And since all the socio-economic issues are related to each other in the form of a chain, I believe using tourism we can control population movements or prevent marginal settlements and even help reduce crime.

Presently my concern is, on the one hand, to put my abilities and expertise in use in order to do research, and to use my passion for tourism, building up bibliographic references on the attractions and beauties of our destinations and, on the other hand, the knowledge gained from research trips to these locations plus extensive reports including photos and videos to better introduce these regions to all interested, in Iran and throughout the world.

Being educated in sociology and research, having work experience in research projects and also my personal interest in mountain sports and Eco-Tourism made me understand Iran’s unique potentials in Eco-Tourism and its various branches

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