Hamedan or Hegmataneh is associated with an ancient civilization, Media which reigned west of Iran for almost over a century. Lying on the foot hill of Alvand, Hamedan owes its greenery and perfect weather to the lofty mount. At the end of Abasabad snaky road, two bas reliefs although being through ages, are still standing strong, renown as Ganjnameh Bas relief. The place may seem a bit irrelevant but the region was one of the main branches of ancient roads connecting Hamedan (Achaemenes summer capital) to Bible. Culture and civilization are integrated in this city in a way that you can find cultural footprints in very natural site. Traveling to Hamedan, you can walk around the historical, cobble stone  square and all streets end to the square. Old days, when once this square was the only iconic part of the city, are coming back and it is returning to its hay days. No car will get on your way anymore. So pack and take a Hamedan tour to enjoy all these recent changes.