• Duration

    20 Days & 19 Nights

  • Tour Code

    # 555

  • Group Size
    • Min 1 PAX
    • Max 14 PAX
  • Location

    Tehran, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan

  • Start

    Tehran – Iran

  • Finish

    Isfahan – Iran

  • Type

    Historical & Cultural

  • Physical Grading


  • Best Time
    • Spring
    • Autumn

Iran Ancient Tour

(Tehran, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan)

Start your journey from Tehran, capital of Qajar Dynasty. Visit the marvelous Golestan Palace. Head to west, visit the largest water cave in the world, Alisadr Cave. Stay a night in the exotic village of Varkeneh. Visit the Behistun Inscription and Anahita Temple. Visit the highlights Ilam and ancient city of Susa, specially Choqa Zanbil Ziggurat. Visit eh historical city of Bishapur and Tangeh-e Chogan. Walk in the beautiful city of Shiraz and smell the amorous flowers of Persian Gardens. Head to the Persepolis, capital of ancient world and Tomb of Cyrus, the Great in Pasargadae. Visit the 4000 year old cedar tree in Abarkuh. Walk in the historic city of Yazd and visit its highlights. Visit Garmeh and Kharanaq and enjoy their beautiful textures. Step into the magical desert of Mesr and stroll on the soft dunes. Visit Anarak and Nain en route. Finally, visit the city of culture and art, Isfahan, filled with numerous monuments and landmarks, namely, Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Shah Mosque.


• Golestan Palace (UNESCO)
•Alisadr Cave
•Bisotun bas relief
•Choqa Zanbil Ziggurat
• Historic City of Yazd (UNESCO)
• Dowlat Abad Garden‌ (UNESCO)
• Narin Castle
• Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO)
• Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
• Imam Mosque (UNESCO)
• Ali Qapu Palace
• Si-o-Se Pol Bridge
• Khaju Bridge


Arrival in Tehran International Airport; Meet and greet by your tour guide and transfer to the hotel. After a while rest, tour some of the magnificent museums in downtown Tehran, like Iran Ancient National and Abgineh (Glass) Museums. The national museum contains prestigious relics influential in shaping the world’s culture and civilization. Our next visit is the Golestan Palace, (the Rose Garden Palace) UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the oldest historic monuments belonging to a group of royal buildings in Tehran & Tehran traditional grand bazaar.

Tehran and its monuments’ different historical layers in terms of age are remarkable. Owing to long years of being Capital, riveting companionship of old and recent attractions, catches visitor’s attention. Today and as second day of our trip we head north of Tehran. A review of Qajar and Pahlavi History in Sadabad Palace Museum (2 museums), Niavaran Palace, Tajrish Traditional Bazaar, local’s favorite bazaar.

If you like being an adventurer, grasp the opportunity. Venture Ali sadr cave, one of the world natural wonders and a rare example of boatable water caves. According to some evidence this cave was once primitives’ shelter. A shelter which can also save you now with it’s cool and desirable weather in summer. Drive to Lalejin. Immerse yourself in rich artistic atmosphere of the town. Wander the street lined with craft shops and visit artisans and craftspeople. At the end of this exciting day, we drive to Varkane village and settle in the stone houses.

After almost 30 minutes’ road trip we enter Hamedan. House of the ancient civilization, Medes, with glorious monuments. This city’s beauties and stories about scientists, poets, philosophers, iconic figures are endless. we begin our visits with outstanding Ganjnameh and its green surroundings, captivated by high mountains, with a stunning waterfall, forested Abbas Abad valley, delicate rock carving into cliff face (on which Darius, Achaemenes king, is boasting the legitimacy of his kingdom and his majestic empire in three ancient languages). Next stop would be Hegmataneh Hill where you can visit excavated ancient living area from a catwalk above. To fill the mental gap, there is a nicely presented museum showing some of the archaeological finds. Leave the remnants behind, Esther and Mordecai tomb tower, which was once Iran’s most important Jewish pilgrimage site is our next visit. We learn about Avicenna and his great medical encyclopedia by visiting his mausoleum and single-room museum. Then wander in ceramic bazaar.
O/N Hamedan (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

A Romance story of Shirin & Farhad, Iranian lovers, keeps you fascinated and energetic for the rest of the day. Journey to Bisotun, on the way visit Kangavar historical remains and Temple of Anahita (the goddess and guardian of water, fertility, love and friendship). Continue our trip and visit Bisotun, the world-famous bas relief, about 100 meters above the ground, on which we learn about the historical instruction issued by well-deserved Persian King, Darius, dating back to 521 BC. Lying on Bisotun wall, the Hercules Statue, has been witnessing people fascinated by its wonders for years, is the other beauty of this site.
O/N Bisotun (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Immerse into indigenous and colorful culture of Kermanshah. The city plays host to well-preserved engraving into a cliff face near Bisotun. A bas-relief, UNESCO-listed Tagh-e Bostan Stone Fresco Complex, along historical Silk Road is the most dominant monument among our visits on this day. Delve into covered traditional bazaar. Then Head to Palangan picturesque village. A discovered gem, distinguished by its stair style houses which is more stunning at weekends when numerous locals, dressed up in Kurdish costumes go to picnic there. Hike around & pass through the mountainous area & green pastures of Tefin. Finish our fantastic day and get back to Bisotun.
O/N Bisotun (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Drive to Ilam and visit Ilam.
O/N Ilam (Local House)
Meals: Breakfast

Head to shush. Shush(Susa) was once one of the greatest cities of ancient Persia. We have already visited many ancient areas but here in shush we are in the heart of it. The city has seen different predominant historical eras like the Elamite, Persian and Parthian. A bright new shush museum enriched by seriously ancient stone and pottery works gathered from regional archeological sites can help you imagine the greatness of ancient world. Then we visit remnants of Apadana palace date back to the Achaemenid Era and French castle. Another valuable Jewish site, Tomb of Daniel (a Hebrew prophet), is in our list to visit. We pay a visit and get back to hotel.
O/N Shush (Local House)
Meals: Breakfast

Iranian heart of ancient history is beating here. A 20 kilometer road trip from shush toward south, we reach Choqa Zanbil, UNESCO World Heritage Site, magnificent Ziggurat. It is the best surviving example of Elamite architecture anywhere. The ziggurat was built about 1250 BC by the king Untash- Gal, mainly dedicated to Inshushinak, the Great god of the Elamite. Travel to Shushtar ,we first explore Shushtar historical Hydraulic System, the biggest industrial complex before Industrial Revolution, a simple but smart engineering and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its waterfalls and old mills opens the doors to the heydays of Iran’s long historical periods. Head to Sarpole Zehab.
O/N Sarpol-e Zehab (Local House)
Meals: Breakfast

In the morning, stroll around Sarpol-e Zehab then we leave the city and drive toward Shiraz. After a short stop to visit Ahvaz we explore Bishapur historical city, capital of Sassanid king ShapurI date back to 260 AD. the site is partly excavated disclosing the huge palace of Shapur nearby Anahita Temple. Spend hours exploring Tange-e Chogan (Shapur cave) and visit the awesome 7m-high statue of Shapur in one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Iran. continue driving, enter Shiraz.
O/N Shiraz (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

We are almost in the middle of our trip and warmly welcomed by beautiful city of Shiraz. 11th day of our visit is partly historical and partly excursion in shiraz popular flowery gardens. Vakil Ensemble; Mosque & baazar, Eram Garden UNESCO World Heritage Site, Arg-e Karimkhani (Karimkhani Citadel), dating back to Zandieh Era and Nasir ol Molk colorful mosque. Then we get to know tombs of two Iranian Famous Poets, Hafez and Sadi and Iranian literature.
O/N Shiraz (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

We drive toward another part of Iran glorious history. The most well-known monument, Persepolis, UNESCO World Heritage Site, tells you the story of one of the world’s most sophisticated civilizations, dates back to 2500 years ago, Achaemenids. The complex includes magnificent Persepolis (Thakht -e Jamshid) & Pasargadae, the tomb of Cyrus, the great, Achaemenid’ palaces and relief, Naghsh-e Rostam Necropolis, and Naghsh-e Rajab. These striking remnants can help you to imagine one of the ancient world’s manmade masterpieces. Drive to Nomad camp to spend the night.
O/N Nomad Camp (Camp)
Meals: Breakfast

Yazd a little-known city but full of spellbound wonders which its incomparable sites recently is recognized by UNESCO, is our final destination today. These UNESCO-Listed sites are a perfect example of desert lifestyle. Before Yazd we will visit an aged cedar and jameh mosque of Abarkuh. After some hour of road trip, Yazd city shows up. Settle in beautiful Hotels of Yazd.
O/N Yazd (Hotel)

Despite being close to desert; Yazd is a green city. It owes its greenery to another ancient Iranian engineering technique. Their smart solution to the water shortage is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. They invented Qanat and brought water from heart of the earth to the ground. A different UNESCO-Listed, still alive architecture of old Yazd district, simple life style and hospitable people in spite of unkind and tight nature, all of which leave you speechless. Other highlights like Amir Chakhmaq Complex, labyrinthine streets of Fahadan old neighborhood, Ziyaeyeh School (Alexander Prison), Water Museum, Congregational (Jame) Mosque, Zoroastrian old Fire Temple, and the tallest wind tower in Dolat Abad Garden can explain briefly the history of desert lifestyle.
O/N Yazd (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Yazd wonders aren’t limited to the city itself, while other towns near the city have also a notable share in its beauties, some of which are Meybod. Visit Meybod highlights, some brilliant innovations to deal with daily life problems including traditional refrigerator (an old structure to produce ice in winter and keep until summer, Chaparkhaneh (old post center), Pigeon Tower, still standing Narin Castle. with a short visit of old town of Karanagh, it’s caravanserai and Shaking tower would unlock this dry lands’ mystery for us. Drive through desert land we arrive Garmeh, the 1600-year-old, mud-brick, tiny oasis village, located where the palm trees finish.
O/N Garmeh (Local House)
Meals: Breakfast

We explore Mesr near Central Salty Desert, surrounded by sandy hills. You will give you the chance to watch the marvelous and unbelievable beauty of the Sun rise, visit Kavir-e Tabagheh, a vast area in desert covered by white beautiful polygons of salty crystals, and Farahzad village, a village near Mesr that camel breeding is its habitants’ job (You can ride a camel if interested), turn back to Garme.
O/N Garmeh (Local House)
Meals: Breakfast

We journey to south toward Iran’s biggest Desert, Kavir- e Namak (Salty desert) and the old historical Anarak, a mineral city in the heart of desert. Its beautiful citadel & magnificent caravanserai shows us some aspects of life style in desert areas. Next stop, we behold Nain highlights such as Pirniya Museum, congregational (Jame) Mosque, old Aba knitting factory (Aba is a kind of cloth of Muslim clergymen). We continue our trip to city of art and architectural masterpieces, Isfahan.
O/N Isfahan (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

The next morning is fully dedicated to Isfahan teemed with fabulous monuments and UNESCO world heritages. At the city’s heart stands UNESCO-listed Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Meidan Emam) flanked by azure-tiled mosques, Outstanding Sheikh Lotf-ol- lah and Imam Mosques, Ali Qapu palace and the entrance to a vast bazaar. Fountains dance where once polo players pranced to entertain Safavid Ruler, Shah Abbas. Visit Iranian garden through Chehel Sotun Palace, walk on khajoo and si-o-se bridges.
O/N Isfahan (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Armenian neighborhood in Isfahan is quite well-known lined with churches, restaurants and coffee shops. Visit Vank Cathedral, the most important church in Isfahan, Hasht Behesht Palace and Jameh Mosque UNESCO World Heritage Site, and delving into traditional bazaar with eye-catching handicrafts give you the opportunity to get closer to Iranian culture.
O/N Isfahan (Hotel)
Meals included: Breakfast

Transfer to the airport to board flight to home.


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• All sightseeing might not be visited, due to sunset and sunrise time.


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