Iran desert tour is a unique tour  and recently become very sought- after. the mighty  Yardangs are the icon of the Lut desert, and the sight of the sun setting behind some of its flat-topped yardangs is truly awe-inspiring.once you are here in the middle of Persian land it is worth to visit it’s unique deserts which leave you speechless. The place where once was the hottest place on earth according to Iran’s desert expert. you can walk bare-footed and feel the land beneath your steps. Iran Deserts covere a pretty vast area of it’s space. Alborz and Zagros  mountain ranges surround these extremely hot areas.  Lut and central desert (Dasht-e Kavir) are the most famous Deserts in Iran and are about 360 thousand square kilometers. Iran Deserts are divided into central desert, small desert, Rig-e Jen and Lut Desert. Iran desert tours are the best chance to visit their wonders along with Kalout professional Desert tour guides.