• Duration

    28 Days & 27 Nights

  • Location

    Tehran, Mazandaran, Isfahan, Semnan , Yazd, Fars, Hormozgan, Kerman, Kashan

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  • Type

    Historical, Adventure, (Mountains, Sea, Forest, Desert, Nomad & Cultural Tour)

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    # 7

Caspian Sea | Persian Gulf Tour

Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf Tour is one of our multiple tours in one package. Enjoy the sightseeing of beauties of Sari and its coastline. Visit the marvelous palaces in Tehran, eye-catching houses in Kashan, extotic village in Abyaneh. Touch the marvelous monuments of Safavid dynasty. Experience camel riding in Lut Desert. Go on a gentle hike in Zagros foothills. Live with Iranian Nomads and taste their special cuisines. Visit the Zoroastrian Mecca in Chak Chak. Step into the ruins of Persepolis and Pasargadae. Walk in peaceful Persian Garden, Shazdeh Garden. Continue your trip in Qeshm and Hormuz Islands and enjoy the spectacular landscapes and exciting activities.


• Golestan Palace (UNESCO)
• Abyaneh Village
• Isfahan
• Camel Riding
• Naghse Jahan Square (UNESCO)
• Sisakht
• Yasuj
• Hiking in Zagros highlights
• Bishapur
• Qashqai Nomads
• Persian Gardens in Shiraz (UNESCO)
• Persepolis & Pasargadae (UNESCO)
• Haleh Protect Area
• Asaluyeh
•Baghe Shazdeh (UNESCO)
• Qeshm Island
• Hormoz Island
• Lut Desert
• Zein O Din Caravanserai
• Chak Chak Temple
• Na’in

1st Day
Arrival at IKIA International Airport, meet and greet and transfer to the hotel, early check in and rest. Visiting some highlights of Tehran including Iran Ancient National Museum (Iran’s mother museum), The museum containing prestigious relic’s influential in shaping the world’s culture and civilization. (Closed on holy memorial ceremonies.) Golestan Palace (The Rose Garden Palace) one of the oldest historic monuments) belonging to a group of royal buildings in Tehran, UNESCO World Heritage Site. visiting traditional Bazaar (closed on Fridays and Thursdays afternoon) O/N Tehran (Hotel –B)
2nd Day
Tehran-Sari (275 km, 4 Hours)

Driving towards Sari between the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of the Caspian Sea, Visiting the south face of Damavand mountains, going along the beautiful Haraz road , sightseeing of the region and specially enjoying the beauties of the coastline, sceneries of jungle, and pass Amol, enjoy the breeze of the sea, then heading to Sari , O/N Sari (Hotel- B)

3rd Day
Sari- Badab-E Surt –Damghan
Sari-Damghan (180 km, 2Hours and 50 Min)

Driving towards Damghan, en route visit Kyasar forest, the dense forest of Kiyasar and its large spring glows like a jewel in the midst of these forests, and one of the most attractive forests not only in this province but also in Iran. These vicinities are variable in respect to the landscape, due to the presence of a number of forest valleys, majestic hills, rural settlements (in the heights), ancient castles, rivers, springs, meadows and scattered wheat fields can all be accounted for as areas of interest. Small trekking in Badab-E surt springs , there are two distinct mineral springs with different natural characteristics, heading to Damghan, the old city dating back to the Ghomes ancient Land, & Tarikhane Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Iran, O/N Damghan (Hotel-B)

4th Day
Damghan-Sar Kavir- Jandagh
Damghan-Jandagh (262, 2 Hours and 62 Min)
Driving toward Jandagh, which was one of the most important center for the caravans that crossed the desert, en route, passing through the heart of Iran Central Salty Desert (Kavir-E Namak), short time walking between the red hills named Sarkavir (the beginning of the desert) and visiting the beautiful and endless desert landscape, old villages and cities on the edge of the desert including Rashm , Moaleman ,and Jandagh , O/N Jandagh (local house B-L-D)
5th Day
Jandagh (Camel Riding)
Full day excursion of Jandagh, trekking and visiting a place which takes one’s glance to eternity, becoming deeply impressed by the scenery of moving sands and burning salt marshes, seeing the ruins of ancient monuments examining rare plants, seeing strange animals…are among motivations that prompt the lovers of natural geography to embark on this vast land, today having camel riding and you can enjoy and feel camel riding, O/N Jandagh (local house B-L-D)
6th Day
Jandagh-Anarak (147 km, 1 Hour and 50 Min)- Anarak- Na`in (76 km, 1 Hour)- Na`in-Aghda

Driving to Aghda, en route visiting Anarak Town, south of Iran Central Desert (Dasht-E Kavir), visiting the beautiful and endless desert landscape and Naein Jame Mosque (Congregational mosque) and, O/N Aghdar (Local House –B-L-D)

7th Day
Driving towards Yazd and full day city tour of Yazd, the old city with interesting desert architectural Style, and a visit to the highlights of Yazd including Amir Chakhmagh Complex, Fahaadan old neighborhood, Zeyaeyeh School (Aleksandra Prison), Water Museum, Congregational Mosque, Zoroastrian old Fire Temple, and the tallest wind tower in Dolat Abaad Garden, O/N Yazd (Hotel-B)
8th Day
Yazd-Tezerjan -Yazd
Yazd- Zein odin (60 km)

Driving to Tehran, experiencing of Yazd pristine natures that is in Shirk Kuh Mountain and enjoying nature of Tezerjan then heading back to Yazd, O/N Yazd (Hotel-B)

9th Day
Yazd-Pasargadae (316 km, 3 Hours and 15 Min)

Driving towards Pasargadae through Shir Kuh Mountain, arriving in Abarghu Desert, visiting one of the most ancient cedar trees, heading to Pasargadae and visiting the most important historical sites of Iranian civilization, dating back to 2500 years ago, including Pasargadae and the Great tomb of Cyrus, UNESCO World heritage site, O/N Pasargadae (Local House-B-L-D)

10th Day
Pasargadae-Persepolis (83 km, 1 Hour and 07 Min)- Persepolis -Shiraz (64 km, 1 Hour)

Driving towards Shiraz , en route visiting the mighty Persepolis (Thakht -e Jamshid), UNESCO World Heritage Site and Achaemenid palaces and its engraves and that of Naghsh-e Rostam, O/N Shiraz (Hotel-B)

11th Day
Full day city tour of Shiraz, the city of poem, flower, culture and history, visiting some highlights including Eram and Narenjestan Gardens, Vakil Ensemble, Mosque, Bazar, Arg-e Karimkhani (Karimkhani Citadel), tombs of two Iranian Famous Poets, HAFEZ and SA’ADI, and the beauty of Shah-e Cheraq Shrine at night, O/N Shiraz (Hotel- B)
Shiraz-Sirjan(378 km, 4 Hours and 32 Min),Sirjan -Kerman(185 km , 2 Hours and 10 Min)
Driving towards Kerman, a city dating back to the 3rd century A.D, via Sirjan, visiting Sirjan unique clay pipe style wind tower and the remainders of Sarvestan Palace en route the other well-known Academia building, O/N Kerman(Hotel-B)
13th Day
Kerman- Shahdad(100 km)

Full day excursion to Shahdad and Lut Desert, visiting Nebkas (Desert Vases), old fortress & date-palm groves of Shafiabad, Kootoos (traditional Arbour), walking in desert, among Kalouts , these fantastic amazing natural statues , relaxing and fixing the eye upon the endless horizon of desert , visiting Salty (River and Salt crystals & polygons, driving to Kerman, O/N

14th Day
Kerman-Mahan-Arge Rayan-Jiroft
Kerman-Mahan 42)), Mahan-Arge rayan(68 km, 50 Min), Arge rayan-Jeroft(121 km, 1 hour and 33 Min)

Driving to Rayen and Mahan, visiting Rayen Citadel, the smaller sample of Bam Citadel, then heading to Mahan & visiting Mahan highlights including Bagh-e Shazdeh (Prince Garden), as a typical Persian Garden UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Shah Ne’amat-ol-lah-e Vali Tomb, heading to Jiroft, O/N Jeroft (Hotel- B)

15th Day
Jiroft-Bandar Abas
300) km, 3 Hours 46 Minutes)

Visiting Jiroft city, one of the oldest civilization in the world and a small Museum where you will be excited to see the objects that take you to 6000 years ago and Zigurat Konar Sandal, passing the farm lands to Bandar Abas,O/N Bandar Abas (Hotel-B)

16th Day
Bandar Abas- Hormoz- Qeshm
Bandar Abas- Hormoz(8 km), Hormoz-Qeshm(18 km)

Transfer to the port and then marine transfer to Hormoz Island, sightseeing of this beautiful Island with its colorful landscape, plus Portuguese sea fort, awhile walking in Rainbow Valley, and enjoying the traditional Art & handicrafts of this fabulous region, eating a delicious traditional lunch in a rural house, then marine transfer to Qeshm Island, & from there to a rural local house in a village near Qeshm, O/N Qeshm (Local rural house -B-L-D)

The program might change because of the water situation

17th Day
Full day visiting Qeshm, Iran’s biggest Island in the North of Hormoz Strip and the second commercial harbor of Iran, also as a Geo Park, it’s the first one in the Middle East; thanks to the very quality of it, shaped out of assembling crabs, the Island rocky coast lines, considered as one of its attractions; visiting Khorbas Caves, Star Gorge ( Setareh eftideh), and the traditional bazaar, O/N Qeshm (Local rural house -B-L-D)
18th Day
Qeshm-Hengam(55 km)

Full day excursion, boat riding in Persian Gulf warm waters towards Hengam small and beautiful Island in the South of Qeshm, enjoying the beauties of the Island beaches, and visiting Dolphin groups swimming in Persian Gulf , return to Qeshm Island, in the remaining time visiting Namakdan Caves, & Shib Deraz village(if interested), protected place for special kind of turtles, with eagle-like muzzle, laying (hatch) their eggs in the beaches of this village, getting familiar with people lifestyle, arts & handy crafts, plus hana body painting (tattoo), turning back to Qeshm, O/N (Local rural house -B-L-D)

The program might change because of the water situation.

19th Day
Qeshm-Lenge Harbor- Asaluyeh
Qeshm-Lengeh Harbor (181 km, 2 Hours and 54 min), Lengeh Harbor-Asaluyeh(275 km, 3 Hours and 33 Min)

After breakfast, marine transfer to Lenge Harbour., visiting one of the reliable and creditable ports during the Achaemenian dynasty; Gugana, heading to Asaluyeh, O/N Asaluyeh (Hotel-B)

20th Day
Asaluyeh- Nayband-Asaluyeh
Asaluyeh-Nayband (30 km)

Driving to Haleh Protected area to visit Rocky and sandy shoreline of Nayband and enjoying Persian Gulf`s original nature and delicious Iranian cuisine at local rural House and conversation by local residents then heading back to Asaluyeh, O/N Asaluyeh (Hotel-B)

21th Day
Asaluyeh- Siraf-Farashband/Firuz abad(Camp)
Asaluyeh-Siraft(47 km, 40 Min), Siraft-Farashband(217 km, 2 Hours and 55 Min)
Driving to Siraf Harbor to visit one of the oldest Persian Golf`s Harbor, heading to Farshband , enjoying landscape and nature and also visiting one of the most important Iranian`s nomad( Qashqa`i), visiting their lifestyle, livestock, colorful close, talk with the Qashqa`I people, O/N Farashban (Camp-B-L-D)
22th Day
Farashband-tangeh Chogan-Yasuj
Farashband-Tangeh Chogan(127 km, 1 Hour and 44 Min), Tangeh Chogan-Yasuj(137 km , 2 Hours and 03 Min)

Driving towards Yasuj, en route visiting Tangeh Chogan, O/N Yasuj (Hotel-B)

23th Day
Yasuj- Semiron (162 km, 2 Hours and 18 Min), Semirom- Isfahan(168 km, 2 Hours and 08 Min)

Driving towards Isfahan, visiting Patabe Gardaneh, one of the most strategic and important of Nomad`s path, heading to Samirom, visiting its Waterfall, continuing the route toward Isfahan, a short city tour, O/N Isfahan(Hotel-B)

24th Day
Full day city tour of Isfahan, including Naghsh-e Jahaan Square, (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Sheikh Lotf-ol- lah and Imam Mosques, Ali Qapu Palace (lofty Gate), and traditional bazaar encompassing the beautiful traditional Handicrafts of Isfahan, Menar jonban (shaking Minaret, and historical bridges of Si-o-Se Pole (Bridge of 33 Arches) & Khajoo O/N Isfahan (Hotel- B)
25th Day
Isfahan- Abyane- Kashan
Isfahan-Abyaneh173 km), Abyaneh-Kashan (85.6 km)

Driving towards Kashan, visiting spectacular village of Abyaneh en route, a village of great antiquity, which is like a living architectural and anthropological museum dating back to Safavid Era, the simplicity found in houses affords a picture of life in rural areas of Iran, heading to Kashan, O/N Kashan (Hotel-B)

26th Day
Kashan-Tehran (246 km, 2 Hours and 46 Min)

Visiting Kashan, including Fin garden, an Iranian typical garden, the historical seller houses of Brojerdis’ and Tabatabayees, heading to Tehran, O/N Tehran (Hotel-B)

27th Day
Full day city tour of Tehran, including Sadabad Palace Museum
)3 museums), Niavaran Palace, Tajrish Traditional Bazaar, and Milad Tower, evening you might also visit Artists’ House in the remaining time, O/N Tehran (Hotel –B)
28th Day
Tehran-IKIA Airport
Transfer to the airport to board the home bound flight, & end of the tour.


Service level : Standard
Transport: All Airport (with staff assistance) & bus and train station transfers and marine transfer
Accommodation : 19 Nights hotels , 7 Nights Local Rural House,01 Night Tent/Camp
Meals : All Breakfast, 7 Lunches & Dinners
Group Leader : Escort English Speaking Guide /Guide-Driver- Desert Local Guide
Insurance: Travel Insurance
Other Services: Visa Arrangements, Marine, Camel riding


• Any international air ticket
• Lunches and Dinners not mention in itinerary
• Coach & guide as per itinerary
• Any expenses such as telephone calls, laundry, mini bar used in the room, tips etc.
• Any International and Domestic Air tickets
• Tips and porter charges
• Any other services not specified above
• Visa fee

Important Note

• Please have in mind that in local house single rooms are not provided unless the client asks us for a single room. Also normally in local house, there are no beds.
• On sea trips in case of bad conditions of the sea the routes and timing may change
• In nature trips in case of climate changes and bad weather, changes in accommodation and programs may occur
• The booking process of the hotel starts upon receiving the flight details.
• Changes in the hotels may occur


In order to get the visa, we need 7 working days to get the invitation ref number from Iran foreign ministry.
The needed documents are: a completed visa application form (please Click here to fill the application form),
the copy of your passport; and also the scan of your former visa if you have traveled to Iran before .
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Responsible Travel

As the executive of nature tours in Iran & Globe, we have assumed our responsibility & role so seriously, know the tourism effect on our surrounded environment & local society, and try to plan & operate our tours in accordance with this foreground thought; For, we believe that the tour executive has a great effect on the means of transferring his/her experiments, to guarantee both the passengers health & environment conservation .