• Duration

    16 Days & 15 Nights

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    # 45

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    • 3 PAX – ‎€
    • 6  PAX – ‎€
    • 9 PAX ‎€
    • 12 PAX – €
  • Group Size
    • Min 1 PAX
    • Max 12 PAX
  • Location

    Tehran, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan

  • Start

    Tehran – Iran

  • Finish

    Isfahan – Iran

  • Type

    Safari Desert Tour, Historical& Cultura

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  • Best Time
    • Spring
    • Autumn

Iran Lut Desert Safari

Have you ever imagined taking a fascinating tour exploring the hottest area on the Earth in an ancient land with an age-old history?!

Let us take you on a trip through the astonishing great desert of Lut (Dasht-e Lut), inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list on July 17, 2016,  a salt desert in the east of Iran, located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan, the world’s 27th largest desert stretching about 320 km /200 miles from northwest to southeast and is about 160 km /100 miles wide. In the east, a great massif of dunes and sand rises, while in the west an extensive area of high ridges is separated by wind-swept corridors. In its lowest, salt-filled depression—less than 300 metres/1,000 feet above the sea level. Feel its summer heat with a land surface temperature as high as 70 °C/ 159 °F, and its low humidity can’t be experienced anywhere else on the Earth;  measurements of MODIS (Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer ) installed on NASA’s Aqua satellite from 2003 to 2010 testify this fact.

Pass through the ancient city of Yazd, a UNESCO World Heritage Site possessing an amazing architecture which has always attracted millions of tourists from all over the world, wishing to experience a unique stay in dreamy historical traditional houses.

Do not ever miss the chance to do sightseeing in the picturesque city of Isfahan, including some UNESCO World Heritage Sites besides lots of other wonderful monuments worth-seeing!


• Tehran: Golestan Palace(UNESCO), National Museum of Iran, Grand Bazaar
• Kerman
• Mahan: Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO)
• Shahdad
• Lut Desert(UNESCO)
• Zein-o-Din Caravansari
• Yazd: Historic City of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Fahadan, Alexander Prison, Water Museum, Jame Mosque, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Dolat Abad Garden‌ (UNESCO)
• Narin Castle
• Isfahan: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (UNESCO), Imam Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Si-o-Se Pol Bridge, Khajoo Bridge


Arrival in Tehran International Airport; Meet and greet by your tour guide and transfer to the hotel. After a while rest, tour some of the magnificent museums in downtown Tehran, like National Museum of Iran and Abgineh (Glass and Ceramic) Museums. The national museum contains prestigious relics influential in shaping the world’s culture and civilization. Our next visit is the Golestan Palace, (the Rose Garden Palace) UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the oldest historic monuments belonging to a group of royal buildings in Tehran & Tehran traditional grand bazaar.
O/N Tehran (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Tehran and its monuments different historical layers in terms of age are remarkable. Owing to long years of being Capital, riveting companionship of old and recent attractions, catches visitor’s attention. Today and as the last day of our trip we head north of Tehran. A review of Qajar and Pahlavi History in Sadabad Palace Museum (2 museums), Niavaran Palace, Tajrish Traditional Bazaar, local favorite bazaar complete the journey.
O/N Tehran (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

We start our day by almost an hour flight to Kerman. Enter a 3rd century A.D city. Get on the car and drive to Mahan. A quite different day, full of excitement in Lut Desert, UNESCO World Heritage Site, specific nature and wonders, awaits us. We first have a quick glance at Shazdeh garden UNESCO World Heritage Site, a typical Iranian Garden, an oasis in the middle of the desert city with its desirable water stream that flows through the garden and light breeze is a real treasure in Kerman as well as Shah Nemat-ol-lah Vali Tomb. Getting back to our way, one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders is ahead of us. We can visit all these wonderful landscapes during the days ahead such as: Walk via this particular landscape, among Yardangs, these fantastic natural statues. Visit Nebkas (Desert Vases), old fortress & palms, Shafiabad, Kootoos (traditional Arbour), Salty (River and Salt crystals & polygons). Relaxing in the silence of the desert, we fix our eyes on endless & colorful horizon and gaze at starry sky, all of which is a distinctive gift from southeast of Iran. We finish today with lots of memorable images.
O/N Shahdad (Local house)
Meals: Breakfast

We have a meeting, getting familiar with desert logistic team. start our full day Safari (4×4) in north west of Lut desert and drive to the heart of Lut.
O/N Desert (Camp 1)
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

Like yesterday we drive to the very heart of Lot desert, & from there to South, pass through Hamadas & visit the geological terrains of the region.
O/N Desert (Camp 1)
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

We continue driving southward, visit & Plunge in desert tranquility, visit natural terrains of Gandom Beryan, covered by Bazalt stones.
O/N desert (Camp 1)
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

One more day to south and in untouched nature.
O/N desert (Camp 2)
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

Drive more to visit one of the huge Pits of Hammadas; We get Malek Mohammad mount, the only big rocky Mountain in Lut Desert, these high natural areas, cause deep holes and high sandy hills to be formed.
O/N desert (Camp 2)
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

After an energy boosting breakfast, we head off to the heart of desert and will spend our last day in desert. The sight of desert’s hot red sun sinking and glittering between the mighty Yardangs of the Lut desert near Shahdad is a mesmerizing one, and will leave you with a profound sense of awe and history, as well as some seriously impressive photographs.
O/N desert (Camp 2)
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

We get back to Shahdad, en route visit Shur river, salty poligones as well as Yardangs. We can see an endemic plant, grow in desert, called Nebka.
O/N Shahdad (Local House)
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

Leave all the beauties of desert, starry and quiet nights of desert behind and hit the road. A very spectacular caravanserai is on our way. We visit Zein-O-Din, a rare circular 17th-century caravanserai south-east of Yazd. Soon after our visit, we head to Yazd.
O/N Yazd (Hotel)
Meals: breakfast

Despite being close to desert; Yazd is a green city. It owes its greenery to another ancient Iranian engineering technique. Their smart solution to the water shortage is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. They invented Qanat and brought water from heart of the earth to the ground. A different UNESCO-Listed, still alive architecture of old city of Yazd (Historic City of Yazd), simple life style and hospitable people in spite of unkind and tight nature, all of which leave you speechless. Other highlights like Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Fahadan old neighborhood, Ziyaeyeh School (Alexander Prison), Water Museum, Congregational (Jameh) Mosque, Zoroastrian old Fire Temple, and the tallest wind tower in Dolat Abad Garden can explain briefly the history of desert life.
O/N Yazd (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Yazd wonders aren’t limited to the city itself, while other towns near the city have also a notable share in its beauties, some of which are Meybod and Nain. We visit their highlights like Chaparkhaneh (old post center), Pigeon Tower, Narin Castle, Ceramic shops, Pirniya Museum, congregational (Jame) Mosque, and old Aba knitting factory (Aba is a kind of cloth of Muslim clergymen). Put all wonders aside, the famous city of Isfahan, Safavid shining capital with countless attractions is ahead of us today. Iran’s richest city renowned for its exceptional architecture and arts such as Meenakari, Miniature, Silverwork and Copper. As we enter the city, taking a stroll on historical Khaju and Si-o-se pol historical bridges at night make you ready for your tomorrow visits.
O/N Isfahan(Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

The next morning is fully dedicated to Isfahan teemed with fabulous monuments and UNESCO world heritages. At the city’s heart stands UNESCO-listed Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Meidan Emam) flanked by azure-tiled mosques, Outstanding Sheikh Lotf-ol- lah and Imam Mosques, Ali Qapu palace and the entrance to a vast bazaar. Fountains dance where once polo players pranced to entertain Safavid Ruler, Shah Abbas and delving into traditional bazaar with eye-catching handicrafts give you the opportunity to get closer to Iranian culture.
O/N Isfahan (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Armenian neighborhood in Isfahan is quite well-known lined with churches, restaurants and coffee shops. Visit Vank Cathedral, the most important church in Isfahan, Hasht Behesht and Chehel Sotun Palace, Jameh Mosque (Masjed-e Jāmé) UNESCO World Heritage Site.
O/N Isfahan (Hotel)
Meals: Breakfast

Transfer to Isfahan international Airport to board the flight back home



Service level : Standard
Transport: Airport Transfer , 4×4 Desert Safari
Accommodation : 07 Nights Hotel, 06 Nights Camping ,02 Nights Local house
Meals : Breakfast, Full board in Camps and Local house& Refreshments
Tour Guide : Guides Speaking Different Languages,Expert Desert Guide
Other Services: Visa Reference number


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Important Note

  • Please bear in mind in local houses single room is only available upon request. Clean mattress is available.
    • On sea trips in case of bad conditions, routes and timing may change
    • In trips close to nature, in case of climate changes and lousy weather,  accommodation and schedule may change
    • Booking process of the hotels starts upon receiving the flight details.
    • Changes in the hotels may occur


In order to get the visa, we need 7 working days to get the invitation ref number from Iran foreign ministry.
Required documents :Completed visa application form (please Click here to fill the application form),
Copy of your passport; and also the scan of your former visa if you have traveled to Iran before .
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