Hamid Rohani

Chairman Of The Board

My name is Hamid Rohani, and I am the chairperson of the board and technical director of Aftab -e Kalout Eco Tour and Travel Co.
I started mountain sports back in 1973, and earned my basic certificate in mountaineering and rock climbing from the Mountaineering Federation of Iran. I was a member of the Arash Mountaineers Club and ascended the highest peaks & big walls in the country.

In 1982, I took a special course in rock climbing in the field of team management, leadership and mountain climbing couch training under the guidance of the French instructor Alain Renaud.

I finished a special course for training young adults in rock climbing under the guidance of two French instructors in 1987.In 1990; I attended a course on indoor wall –climbing for children under the guidance of the three leading International Rock Climbing instructors.

In 1994, I received a special certificate on mountain rescue (EMS) from the “U.S Search and Rescue Organization” in natural environments.
I was a member of the referee team in a competition on indoor rock climbing from from 1994 to 1996 in Kermanshah, Hamedan, Tehran.

Presently I am responsible for planning and managing technical aspects of the Kalout Eco- Tour and Travel Co., and I organize and lead hundreds of domestic and international tour groups, in all four seasons.