Iran winter tours
Iran is a relatively big country and due to its size, the weather can extremely vary from northern Iran to south. Winter in North is quite cold and the temperature is well below zero every year with regular rain and snowfall depending on the generosity of Mother Nature. However, South Iran enjoys a very pleasant and mild weather in winter, almost like a cool spring and it is quite possible to swim in the Persian Gulf for some hours in winter days. Winter is the season of an Iranian festival called Yaldā or Shab-e Chelleh (the winter solstice), usually on December 20, 21 or 22. Iranians – Friends and families- gather and celebrate this night by reading poetry (especially Hafez) and eating nuts, pomegranate, and watermelon. Yes! Watermelon in the winter! The way you are going to spend your winter in Iran is very much based on where you are planning to go. Here is a list of ski resorts in Iran; Dizin and Shemshak are the most popular Ski resorts and two of the largest in the country, just a few hours’ drive from Tehran. At a high altitude range of 1200 to 3600 m, Dizin is one of the 40 highest Ski resorts in the world. For the same reason, the Ski season in Dizin lasts longer than European ones, from late November to May. Shemshak is for more advanced skiers. There are hotels, villas, private apartments and restaurants in Ski resorts in Iran, which host thousands of visitors each year.