Tehran, Iran’s capital, has two faces, modern and historical. Although its modern face is expanding gradually but it is dominant enough and worth to be visited.  Its monuments’ different historical layers in terms of age are remarkable. Owing to long years of being Capital, riveting companionship of old and recent attractions, catches visitor’s attention.Exploring this fascinating metropolis will transport you on a journey through more than 250 years of Iranian history – from the glittering Golestan Palace and the adjacent Grand Bazaar to the beautiful Azadi and Milad towers. Then there are the city’s many excellent museums and serene gardens. In such places, as well as in contemporary cafes, traditional teahouses and on the walking trails in the mountains, you can relax and enjoy all that’s good about Tehran. due to proximity to Alborz mountain ranges, north of this politically important city, is filled by many gardens and has differed it from south. So pack and trip to Tehran and visit its attractions.