Iran autumn tours
Autumn brings rains to the country. Peak of precipitation is at October .At September it often rains too while temperatures are only slightly lower than they were at August. In plains October temperature is still rather comfortable for its range .In mountains late October is almost spring for daytime average is about 10 °C (50 °F) and night it may drop to -3 °C (27 °F). Peaks are covering by snow at this time. November means cooling everywhere. Fall and winter are the Low seasons of domestic trips. There are no crowds in the tourist sites and all prices including hotels, and domestic flights are discounted. Iranians usually choose the beautiful beaches of southern islands including Kish and Gheshm as their winter destinations because of their pleasant climate during winter. September and October are other great time to visit Iran. The rainfall is very rare, the temperature starts to drop, and the weather gets cooler especially in October and early November. The crowds are not too intense and almost disappear at the end of September because the school holidays finished. The prices are lower than in April and May. Public transportation including flight and train are easily found because there are almost a few non-business domestic travels in this period. Everything is ready to enjoy your trip. Therefore, this period is another best time to visit Iran.