Iran spring tours
Traveling in a four-season country extends the advantage of new experiences, varied sceneries and different activities associated with each season, yet spring remains the prime time to travel in Iran for many people. The Pleasant climate and the green terrains in the diverse geographical locals of Iran enhance the festive mood of celebrating the spring season throughout the country. Spring in Iran offers the most moderate weather with delicate, fresh landscapes complimenting voyage in Iran. Spring in Iran starts with a festive celebration of Nowruz or New Year on March 21st. Persian calendar just like the western calendar consists of four seasons. Farvardin, Ordibehesht and Khordad are consecutively the names of the three months of spring. The Persian New Year commences on the first day of spring. Therefore, Farvardin the 1st, that usually falls on March 21st is the first day of Spring and the new-year. Ordibehesht is the second month of spring that usually begins on April 21st and ends on May 20th. Khordad is the last month of the spring season, which coincides May 21st till June 20th. Spring starts with two weeks of Nowruz celebration, which is the longest holiday in Iran. Nowruz takes place from the 1st to the 13th of Farvardin (usually coinciding March 21st till April 2nd). People go back to work and school on the 14th day of spring with high spirits to have a fresh start of the year. As the temperature rises people’s mood enhances with the sight of the green landscapes of the mountains, forests, and coast sides. A much better time to visit Iran and still enjoy the clement spring weather in May. This month is perfect for enjoying nature, as all the greens have covered the fields, the flowers have blossomed, and the weather is ideal for activities such as hiking. You can easily find and book hotels in any city and prices would be more reasonable due to the low season.
Although you should notice, in Ramadan most people fast through the day, and with the hustle and bustle of the New Year over, the streets are peaceful and quiet. It is true you will find most restaurants closed during the day, but the shopping centers are lively and bustling on the evening till sunrise, when you can see the true nightlife of Iranians while tasting the unique cuisine available only during Ramadan. So make sure you check your calendar twice before buying your plane tickets.