8 reasons for Rafting in Iran
Rafting is one of the new sports in Iran that has found many enthusiasts in recent years and the regular boat ride program is provided by the tourist agencies.
Although Iran is a country that is located in a desert and dry area,but the special geographic location and the high mountain range of Iran have led to the creation of rivers in various parts of Iran.
If you are looking for adventures during your trip to Iran, Rafting in Iran is one of the best options available. In addition to all tourist activities, Rafting in Iran gives you the opportunity to have a real thrill. It is one of the popular water sports in Iran.The months of April, May, and June are considered the best times to take part in Rafting in Iran. There are many rivers that are ideal for rafting in Iran.

8 reasons for Rafting in Iran

There are several reasons why the program of Rafting in Iran turns into one of the attractions of traveling to Iran

Iran is cheap
According to the latest World Economic Organization, Iran ranked first in the world’s cheapest among 144 countries.
According to this report, Iran ranked 66.6, has the most suitable competitive position with other countries.So Iran is one of the cheapest destinations for tourists.

Is it  safe to visit  Iran?

All headlines on news and media are very different from what travelers face and experience in Iran. The US government and most Western countries have a long travel warning for Iran. Although I do not advise you to ignore this warning, I advise you to balance it with direct accounts of Americans and many other travelers who have recently visited the country. The country is beautiful, the story is rich and people are eager to demonstrate their almost sacred commitment to hospitality.
The best way to get the answer is to ask travelers who have visited Iran, we encourage you to visit and join our face book page, LinkedIn, twitter.

8 reasons for Rafting in Iran

Excitement and history Simultaneous  with each other
Some rivers for rafting are located in the provinces and historic cities of Iran, with many historical and ancient features such as Zayanderoud river in Isfahan province or Cesar river in Kurdistan province.
In these areas, you will not only enjoy water sports but also visit the historical monuments of these cities like historical mosques,Palaces, Castles, Caravansaries and other sights with hundreds of years of history.

Pristine landscapes along the riverside
There are several Rafting rivers in Iran, Parts of these rivers flow through woody and mountainous areas which have created unique features for tourists and athletes.
Sections of the northern rivers flow through the 4,000,000-year-old Hirkani forests, also, the western rivers of Iran pass through the Alborz Mountains, that beautiful mountainous scenery is very attractive.Also, the rivers of the Central Plateau of Iran in the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari not only provide you beautiful nature, but the ancient history is also attached to this part of Iran.

8 reasons for Rafting in Iran

Different rivers with various classification

Although Iran is located in a desert region, the presence of different mountains in the north and west of Iran has created a different face of them.
In these areas, roaring permanent rivers have provided special conditions for those who like these sports.There are different rivers for rafting and riding in Iran, but among them, 14 rivers have rafting conditions.They range from class 1 to 5.

Dispersion of the river in Iran
In some countries, certain areas are specified for rafting.But due to the special geographic features in Iran, various areas throughout Iran are suitable for rafting, White water rafting, Canoeing and etc.
So you can take a boat ride on the whole northern part of Iran or from the East to the West in the Alborz Mountains as well as from north to south-east of Iran along the Zagros Mountains.

8 reasons for Rafting in Iran

Modern facilities
Rowing programs are regularly carried out in the rivers of Iran, which increases the youth’s attention to this sport.Accordingly, the facilities and equipment needed for this are prepared, which is part of the necessity of these programs by the agencies.
These equipment are divided into two categories: Individual and group
Individual travels or Day Trip, are single or families traveler to these areas, and their facilities included: experienced guides, Water Cag, Life Jacket, Helmet, Neoprene Boots & Wetsuit.But the groups or Expedition, and the tourist who come for some days rafting have more as like as:Paddle Raft, Cargo Raft,Slalom,Sprint,Downriver, Kayak,Rescue/Safety Kayak,Race Kayak,Different Tent,First Aid,Canopy,Mobile kitchen,4WD Off-road cars,and more.

Professional Agencies
There are a large number of reputable agencies in the field of nature tours and White Water Rafting that offer the best types of tourist services and amenities required by travelers.


Khazine Valley, The Grand Canyon of Iran
About the Grand Canyon of America, a lot of things have been said or written.But about his brother in Iran “Khazine Valley,”there is very little content.
The Khazine Valley is a unique natural attraction, located in the middle of the road to the town of Andomyshk- Khoozestan and next to a village by the same name.

Khazine Valley Lorestan Province

The valley has a suspended bridge known as the tallest bridge in Iran, as well as the Middle East.
This valley has many similarities to the American Grand Canyons, which you can see in the screenshots below.

Khazine Valley and river
Khazine Valley and river

Crossing the Karkhe River through this valley gives it a special effect.
One of the important attractions of this valley is the existence of a bridge with a length of 112 meters and a height of 85 meters and a width of 80 meters, which is referred to as the tallest bridge in Iran and even the Middle East.

Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon Khazine Valley

Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon
As we said, the Khazine Valley is very similar to the Grand Canyon in the United States and is an example of it in Iran.
In one part of the valley, this resemblance reaches its high, and the image is very similar to the Screw Horseshoe in the Grand Canyon, facing the visitors.

The Grand Canyon  The Khazine Valley
Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon

Walking on the bridge
Imagine being on top of a 29 story building, but what you see below is a watery river.Walking on this suspended bridge brings exciting moments to you.
The wind in this area will increase your adrenaline and will shake the bridge to around.

Walking on the bridge Khazine Valley

Best season:
Lorestan is located in a mountainous region that has a moderate climate during spring and summer.The Khazine Valley is located in an area exposed to sunlight, it is better to choose spring and early autumn for this trip.

Khazine Valley,The Grand Canyon of Iran Screw Horseshoe Grand Canyon

How to go:
The Khazine Valley Village-Pole Dokhtar City- Lorestan Province.

Khazine Valley,The Grand Canyon of Iran


Helet  Canyon: The most amazing in the Iran

Helet Canyon

There are many places in Iran that will surprise you with their amazing nature.These areas are generally unknown to tourists.Strait and river “Helt” in Lorestan is one of these areas.This Strait is 90 km from the Zal Freeway to Andimeshk in Lorestan Province.

Helet Canyon

The enclosed river between the gaps of the high and polished cliffs in Khorramabad called the Helt, is a superbly beautiful place.When you travel along this strait, some of the paths are blocked by massive boulders.Heletcanyon is one of the most amazing places in the spectacular nature of Khorramabad.

Helet Canyon

The city of Khorramabad has more than 500 thousand hectares of pasture and more than 400 thousand hectares of which are covered with forest.
Abundant water springs and numerous historical monuments have created a set of natural and historic landmarks in the city of Khorramabad.

Helet Canyon

The best time to visit this canyon is summer, due their rainfall and increasing depth of water it would be impossible.
It will take about 4 hours to visit the Strait, along this path, unique beauty of the area will be visible.

Helet Canyon