Hamedan, combination of culture and civilization, has thousand years of stories to tell. first steps of Iran historical overtake was taken here.

Hamedan is a great ancient city to visit. As it is a historical and attractive place to tourists. Hamedan history dates back to 1100 BC. There are many nice landmarks that attract people from all over the world. And nature places attract tourists. The best landmark in Hamedan is Ali Sadr Cave which is worldly famous and it is one of the largest water caves worldwide. Those who are fond of historical places should visit Hamedan.


Tourist attractions of Hamedan:

  • Ali Sadr Cave – The cave is liked by many people around the world, and it has many visitors a year. It’s the biggest water cave and it is fabulous and as it is the longest cave in Iran you should go 11 kilometers into it. The cave is located on the north west of the city and it is near Ali Sadr village.
  • The tomb of Baba Taher – This place is a must visit because it’s a wonderful monument of the city, and you can enjoy the poetry environment.



  • Qorban Tower – The tower is the symbol of bravery, and the tower has defended the citizens in the wars.
  • Lion Stone – the lion statue is historical, and it dates back to 14th century and it is an ancient monument of Ecbatana and it guarded the city gate.
  • Ghanj Nameh Tourist Village – Alvand Mountain skirt will make you enjoyable moments. You can go bungee jumping and riding sleds in Ghanj Nameh village and enjoy the nice weather.

Local Products and handicrafts in Hamedan

Hamedan has always been a popular destination for tourists and the souvenirs are always provided as the handicrafts are unique and beautiful. The handicrafts are made of wood or leather. You can buy beautiful carpets too.

Delicious cuisine

Some Iranian dishes are tastier in Hamedan and they are tempting. Kebabs is special in Hamedan and you can have them in the way you want them to be cooked such as steamed, fried or grilled. Kashka Bademjan is another famous dish that you shouldn’t miss it.

Shopping centers

Shopping places and markets are always nice choices for adventurous people. There are numerous shopping places in Hamedan such as markets in Toyserkan Malayer and Nahavand. There are two kinds of markets in Hamedan; modern and historical ones. You can buy fresh local cookies such as Komaj, Shirmal and Baslogh. The most important shopping centers are the Historical Market, and the stores located in Imam Square.