8000-Year-Old Stone Works Discovered in Iran

8000-Year-Old Stone Works Discovered in Iran

40 stone works dating back to 8,000 years ago have been discovered in Chaldoran, northwestern Iran.

“In Chaldoran, northwest Iran, 40 stoneworks were discovered and collected,” said Moharram Abdollahpour, head of the Iranian Office of Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts and Tourism (ICHO) in Chaldoran.
“These stone works were used for cooking, ranching, bathing, marking graves and building in neolithic, prehistoric, Islamic and contemporary periods.”

“Such pieces as stone lion, capital, millstone, gravestone, quarner stone, laver and mower will be publicly displayed in the Chaldoran ICHTO office,” he added.
According to a Farsi report by the IRNA, Abdollahpour further stated that there are more than 100 national monuments in Chaldoran. One of them, the monastery of Saint Thaddeus, was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Chaldoran is named after a historical war between the Iranian army under the leadership of Ismail I, Safavid King and Ottoman forces of Suleiman I in August 1514; In which the lower Iranians were defeated by the large, well-equipped Ottoman army.