by Seyyed Shahabodin Hedayati

In past farmers in the Abarkuh agricultural with low water in the desert. Nowadays Abarkuh is the center of wheat production in Yazd province and In the middle of the geography of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Accordingly wheat is one of the indicators of tourism Abarkuh. So the first cultural tourism festival of “AZ BARJIN TA ASAK” with responsibility of IRAN DISABLED TALENT IDENTIFICATION  INSTITUTE and with the aim of preserving the traditions of the past, branding wheat Abarkuh city, introduce history of the past and the presence of guests from around the world on August 12 will be performance in Abarkuh city.
This festival is includes a series of exhibitions wheat production scenario from farm to production of bread at home and use it and will be completed by an exhibition of children’s drawings about all stages of production to consumption of wheat. Festival name derivative from BARJIN (old threshing) and ASAK (old hand mill) and these names used only in speech  local people Abarkuh city.

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Seyyed Shahabodin Hedayati responsible of AZ BARJIN TA ASAK festival