Blind terrorism does not affect the Iranian tourism industry

Blind terrorist activities would have no effect on Iran’s flourishing tourism industry, says the deputy head of the Cultural Heritage, Crafts, and Tourism Organization.

The country’s tourism industry is on the fast track and it is on the way to development with an even higher speed, said Morteza Rahmani Movahed on Saturday.

Rahmani Movahed, referring to the twin terrorist attacks of July 7 against the Iranian parliament and Imam Khomeini’s Mausoleum, said terrorists were following to achieve political goals.

“It was an attempt by the terrorists to show,” he said.

“Iran’s flourishing tourist activity will not be affected by such attacks,” he added.

Rahmani Movahed then continued praising Iran’s permanent security and said that the security and safety that foreign and foreign tourists find in Iran are the results of sacrifices made by the country’s military and police forces.


Iran discusses visa facilitation with China, Japan, South Korea
Iranian tourism officials will discuss the possibility of relaxing visa regulations with China, Japan, and South Korea over the coming months, according to the head of the Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism Organization Tourism of Iran.

Zahra Ahmadipour said delegates from all three countries would visit Iran in the coming months to hold talks on the subject, adding that further discussions will take place with China in the margins of the 22nd General Assembly of the World Tourism (11-16 September) In the Chinese city of Chengdu, according to local media.

“Japan is a priority source market for countries that are looking to expand their travel industry, so they are developing comprehensive plans,” she said. “However, our share of the Japanese outbound tourism market is insignificant … This must change.”

China is also a major target for Iran, ranked among the top five in Iran’s list of target markets. Chinese tourists are high spenders and in 2016 cost about $ 261 billion to travel abroad, which has set a new record.

The country of East Asia is also the world’s largest market for overseas travel, with about 135 million Chinese tourists traveling abroad last year.

The travel market from Korea has also grown rapidly since 2011, rising from more than 52% to 19.3 million in 2015. In 2015, South Koreans spent more than $ 21.2 billion on their Trips abroad.
Iran has continued visa-free travel and restricted visa regulations with the target countries for years. In 2015, Tehran abolished the visa regime with Georgia and Armenia and announced that it was offering a visa upon arrival at airports in more than 180 countries.

Discussions are expected with Azerbaijan and India to agree on a visa-free trip, while the visa regime with Russia should be abolished by the end of the year 2017.

Decisions on visa regulations will ultimately require the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has a strict policy of reciprocity when it comes to issuing visa waivers.

Some industry players say that the unilateral abolition of the visa regime in some cases may be more advantageous, but the ICHHTO disagrees.

“The position of the ministry here is correct. The unilateral abolition of visa procedures will not help improve the global position of the Iranian passport,” said Ali Baqer Nemati Zargaran, director of the Promotion and Marketing Bureau. some months.

The strength of a passport is calculated according to the freedom of travel it provides, ie the number of countries where the passport holder can travel without applying for a visa. Iran currently ranks 92, according to the Passport Index.


Why Iran Health Tourism

Iran offers an extensive variety of best in class treatment, through a broad system of exceedingly prepared healing centers, around 850 doctor’s facilities, and recovery focuses at sensible expenses. An examination of the expenses of the different methodology demonstrates that treatment costs in Iran are much lower when contrasted with the created nations. Iran is likewise extremely taken a toll focused when contrasted with its territorial rivals, including Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain and also southeast Asian nations, for example, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and India.

The remarkable blend of involvement, offices and normal assets is the way to accomplishment of the Iranian medicinal services framework. Aside from these, Iran additionally appreciates an interesting scope of equipped therapeutic staff. Medicinal masters and sub-experts in the nation are exceptionally qualified experts and are upheld by all around prepared paramedics and modern restorative gear. The nursing administration in Iran is likewise profoundly qualified. Further, the Iranian human services framework is always bolstered by broad medicinal research.

Iran has a novel mix of sound and lovely atmosphere, brilliant landscape, grand recorded and social landmarks and additionally bleeding edge innovation and complex medicinal hardware.

Prior to the appearance of therapeutic tourism, as we probably am aware it today, Iran was known as a goal for treatment of Muslims, pulling in a large number of guests from Persian Gulf nations. In 2004, the administration, understanding the capability of medicinal tourism, passed a law in the parliament as article 87 inside the 4thSocial, Economic, and Cultural Development Plan.

Today, medicinal tourism in Iran is a developing bunch planning to give world-class restorative offices by open private organization.

Iran has a sound and lovely atmosphere, awesome landscape, and unrivaled recorded and social landmarks. The nation is rich in normal assets of spas and hot springs in various urban areas. This is supplemented by globally perceived warm friendliness of the Iranian individuals.

The Iranian government arrangements to build up its human services framework as a restorative treatment center in the locale.

There are three key wellsprings of interest for therapeutic tourism in Iran:

1) Iran needs to give similar nature of medicinal services for Muslim nations in the locale as a restorative center.

(2) Iran has solid interest for corrective surgical techniques.

(3) Iran has been getting a charge out of a decent notoriety as a prime therapeutic goal for some nations in the area.


Iran Health Tourism

Adjacent to the lovely scene, authentic destinations and the religious places of worship that draw in a great many visitors to Iran every year, Iran is a case of a nation that has made extensive advances through instruction and preparing, in spite of worldwide endorses in all parts of research amid the previous 30 years. The nation’s logical advance is accounted for to be the quickest on the planet and therapeutic framework is one of the sciences.

The practice and investigation of prescription in Iran has a long and productive history. Arranged at the intersection of the East and West, Persia was frequently required in advancements in old Greek and Indian solution; pre-and post-Islamic Iran have been included in medication too. The main showing doctor’s facility where restorative understudies systematically rehearsed on patients under the supervision of doctors was the Academy of Gundishapur in the Persian Empire. A few specialists go so far as to claim that: “to a substantial degree, the credit for the entire healing facility framework must be given to Persia.”

After the Islamic success of Iran, drug kept on prospering with the ascent of notables, for example, Zakaria Al Razi and Avecina. Present day scholarly prescription started in Iran when Joseph Cochran built up a therapeutic school in Urmia in 1878. Cochran is regularly credited for establishing Iran’s “first contemporary therapeutic school”.

These days, with more than 400 restorative research offices and 76 therapeutic magazine files accessible in the nation, Iran is the nineteenth nation in medicinal research and is set to end up plainly the tenth inside 10 years. Clinical sciences are put resources into exceedingly in Iran. In regions, for example, rheumatology, hematology, and bone marrow transplantation, Iranian restorative researchers distribute consistently. The Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Research Center (HORC) of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Shariati Hospital was set up in 1991. Globally, this inside is one of the biggest bone marrow transplantation focuses and has done countless transplantation.

Additionally, Iran is prestigious for their hot springs and customary prescriptions. Sirch (Kerman), Sar’eyn (Ardabil) and Geno (Bandar Abbas) are outstanding hot springs in Iran.

Iran is by all accounts a perfect goal for wellbeing tourism. Moderateness is another key element conveying patients to Iran. Patients can experience treatment, recoup and appreciate an occasion in Iran for a great deal not as much as what it would cost them for treatment in different nations. The restorative administration in Iran is shoddy while the medicinal services foundations are very much prepared and expert. At present 30,000 outside patients who are most from the neighbor nations come to Iran to get restorative medicines. Medicinal Tourism in Iran has been belittled by vacationers searching for basic restorative treatment and by individuals needing corrective and precaution mind.

Furthermore, how about we not overlook the Iranian incredible neighborliness. This accommodation is not just about supper tables and the different dishes introduced on them for the visitors however it is a culture of the general public which exists in Iranian therapeutic foundation and polished by specialists and the staff of healing centers and medicinal gatherings. They guarantee the most abnormal amount of demonstrable skill, wellbeing and care to patients.


Isfahan Attracts Record-Breaking Number of Foreign Tourists

An Iranian tourism official says an uncommon number of outside visitors have gone to the verifiable and characteristic vacation destinations of Isfahan from March to May.

Allah-Yari included this number of outside travelers going by an Iranian territory in just 60 days has been uncommon, in the previous four years, as well as amid the contemporary history of Iran, especially after the triumph of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

He put the quantity of the outside guests to Isfahan Province amid the first and second thirty days of the 60-day time frame at 85,000 and 123,810, separately.

The authority included a similar timeframe, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, China and Japan positioned first to 10 individually, as far as having the biggest number of voyagers to Isfahan.

“The quantity of voyagers to Isfahan Province did not drop notwithstanding amid the days when Iran’s presidential and neighborhood races was the nation’s most sweltering theme and competitors had achieved the pinnacle of their appointive crusades, holding effort gatherings and conveying stump discourses.”

He said a hefty portion of the remote guests were stunned by Iranians’ huge turnout in the decisions, including they said this was the first occasion when they were seeing this level of majority rule government being polished in a Middle Eastern nation.

Allah-Yari noticed that Isfahan Province is home to more than 22,000 chronicled structures, destinations and antiquities, of which 1,850 have been enrolled broadly and four including Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Fin Garden and Jameh Mosque have been enlisted universally in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

As indicated by the figures by Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, the quantity of remote guests to Isfahan Province has grown five-crease since 2013, when the officeholder Iranian government took office.


Iran most moderate vacationer destination

Isfahan and Tourists

In its 96th meeting, the WEF inspected the nations concerning tourism goals. The examination incorporates travel costs, foundations, open administrations, transportation, security, and so on and toward the end, as indicated by the focuses picked up by every nation, the world rankings are exhibited.

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss philanthropic establishment, built up in 1971 as ‘European Management Forum’ by Klaus Schwab in Davos, as a place for European financial pioneers and entrepreneurs.

The body changed its name to “the World Economic Forum” in 1987 and widened its vision to give a stage to settling global clashes.

The report incorporates a lot of imperative focuses for visitors wanting to have a visit to Iran and furthermore for Iran’s tourism authorities.

A report distributed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) gave Iran a score of 6.7 out of 7 as far as tourism costs to rank Iran the first among the 136 nations thought about.

As indicated by the WEF report, the day by day cost for a remote visitor in Iran ranges from $25 to 600.

Iran was given the primary rank for the third straight year.

Notwithstanding the costs best rank, Iran holds a decent place in regards to security, with the purpose of 5.2, approaching that of the US. Be that as it may, the US has constantly attempted to demonstrate that Iran is a perilous place.

Concerning security, the report puts Iran in front of numerous vacationer attractors, including Russia, Turkey, and Thailand.


Iran, Spain Sign Agreement to Maintain, Repair Historical Buildings

Luster Star-Shaped Tile

MADRID (IRNA) – Iran and Spain’s state Paradores Company have consented to an arrangement to coordinate on support and repair of authentic structures and swing them to inn and private vacationer focuses.

The assention was marked between an Iranian association accountable for keeping up chronicled destinations and the Spanish Paradores Company.

The two sides additionally consented to empower the Iranian and Spanish explorers to visit the other nation.

Leading specialized workshops, trade of visits by specialists to decide circumstance of the authentic structures and giving meeting administrations were among significant issues concurred by the Iranian and Spanish organizations.

As indicated by the assention, various 100 verifiable structures will be added every year to the venture.

The Iranian association will reestablish 1,084 chronicled destinations and structures until the finish of year 2025 and will convey them to private area for operation.

Financial specialists from Sweden and Italy are intrigued to contribute on lodgings and urban communities of Kerman, Kashan and Isfahan are among urban communities which have profitable chronicled structures.


Iran, a land of culture and history

Naqsh-e Rustam

With an adjustment in the political atmosphere, Western guests yet again have an opportunity to test the history and culture of Iran.
The rich rhythms of Omar Khayyam have conveyed awesome interest throughout the years. Edward FitzGerald’s prominent interpretation of the twelfth century Persian mathematician proposes an enchantment arrive: “Alert! For morning in the bowl of night … has gotten the sultan’s turret in a noose of light”, yet lately Iran has been beyond reach to most outside guests.
Nonetheless, with British Airways (BA) having continued flights and visit administrators propelling guided visits, this key some portion of the Silk Road is back on the traveler agenda. This place where there is 80 million individuals — three times the span of Franc e—has a rich social legacy with exceptional Islamic engineering. Visits for the most part begin either in Shiraz in the southwest or the current capital, Tehran.
As per, with a history from 2000 BC, Shiraz was saved by the Mongols. Today its sights incorporate an immense blue-tiled vault complex over a twelfth century place of worship and a serene garden of palm and orange trees which prompt a reflected corridor. The cutting edge time is obvious at roundabouts by the notices of saints who lost their lives in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq strife.
A short trip away is Persepolis — a gigantic site which was at one time the focal point of the known world. Worked by Darius I and Xerxes in the fifth and fourth hundreds of years BC, it more likely than not been brilliant to judge by the immense passages and noteworthy stone staircases. Regardless of its decimation by Alexander the Great, the remnants still uncover shocking bas-reliefs. They are so very much saved, with dress and blessings as clear as the day they were cut.
Not far away at Naqsh-e Rostam are the regal tombs from the Achaemenid administration. Four have been cut out of the stone bluff. Yazd misleads the upper east, a forsake train city which ought not be missed. It has a maze of avenues — all wonderfully spotless. From one of the bar overhangs, unwind with pomegranate squeeze and recognize the wind towers which give characteristic aerating and cooling, getting the breeze and sending it to the rooms underneath.
Two noteworthy religious locales demonstrate the city’s memorable significance. Zoroastrianism originated before the Arab victory and there is as yet a dynamic group. Their previous cemetery where bodies were presented to vultures, and also the interminable fire, said to have been lit in 470AD, can be gone by. For Islam, Yazd is additionally home to Jameh mosque, worked more than 600 years back, with the tallest tiled entry in Iran. With two 48m high minarets, it demonstrates the aestheticness of fine mosaic making.
Persia’s greenery enclosures have a one of a kind style. They were intended to symbolize Paradise and nine have been perceived by UNESCO. Each has four segments to speak to earth, sky, plants and water. The one in Yazd, Dolatabad, constructed c1750, has an excellent mind boggling latticework structure finish with the nation’s tallest twist tower at more than 33m.
To truly know the city, make the most of its desserts, prominently baqlava—the best of which is said to be made at Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar in Amir Chakhmaq Square. It is less syrupy than the Turkish form and contains pistachio and makes for an incredible keepsake. Search additionally for Saheb Az-Zaman club, where the Iranian working out game of “zurkhaneh” rehearsed to uproarious drumming and conventional serenades. Guests are welcome and don’t miss an old water repository beneath the club.
Isfahan has the second biggest square on the planet subsequent to Beijing’s Tiananmen. Imam Square, c1602, was planned as the capital of the Safavid realm.
Outside the sublime blue-tiled regal mosque was a not as much as inviting dissent flag, announcing ‘down with UK’, alongside US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. However Iranians are cordial, quick to shake hands and communicate in English.
The square used to host polo competitions. This is anything but difficult to picture from the porch of the exquisite Ali Qapu Palace. In spite of the fact that needing reclamation, some of it uncovers genuine Persian craftsmanship.
The vaulted bazaar is notable: A market labyrinth of appeal, parts of which are more than 1,000 years of age. The trading is amiable. However for better quality, visit a portion of the expert shops in adjacent avenues. This could be a cover merchant who can offer cases from workshops in the sacred town of Qom or a miniaturist painter who utilizes a brush so fine that it comes utilizes a feline hair.
No guest ought to miss Vank Armenian church building, constructed 1648-1655, not just for its rich frescoes over every one of the dividers yet for its extraordinary gallery.
Break the trip from Isfahan to Tehran at Kashan for both the wonderful Fin cultivate and a previous vendor’s home, Tabatabaei House, to pick up a viewpoint on a former period.
Tehran lies at the foothills of the Alborz mountains (with ski inclines) and appreciates warm dry days and cool nights. It experiences activity blockage however visit it for one shocking historical center: National Jewels housed in the vaults of the Central Bank. There are great English-talking guides.
Most eateries for guests offer smorgasbords. Search especially for sheep with walnut sauce, broil quail, chicken with pomegranate and aubergine puree.
Rice, oftentimes enhanced with saffron, is universal, as is level bread.
For settlement, star appraisals have little just the same as the West. Expect hard beds, significantly harder cushions and variable pipes yet grinning staff all through.


Iran reports rise in number of tourists

Iran says the number of tourists that visited the country last year increased by above 30 percent from a year earlier – what could be an indication that one of the world’s top travel destinations is already finding its lost flavor after the removal of sanctions.   

A top trade official in Tehran told domestic media that Iran hosted over 6 million tourists over the last Persian calendar year that ended on 21 March 2017.

Ahmad Asqari Qajari, the director of the Tourism Department of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIM), said the figure showed an increase of above 2 million compared to a year earlier.  

Asqari Qajari told Iran’s state news agency IRNA that Iran earned around $8 billion from tourism last year, stressing that the figure could increase even higher once the infrastructure for hosting a higher number of tourists were prepared.
With over 20 special sites that have been registered on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Iran has been frequently named as a must-visit travel destination.

The country aspires to host 20 million tourists annually by 2025, with expectations of expanding the tourist sector to $30 billion.

Iranian authorities have already unveiled sweeping plans including easing visa restrictions as well as constructing new hotels as part of efforts to attract more foreign tourists.

What is believed to have helped to prepare the grounds for a higher number of tourists visiting the country has been the removal of sanctions against Iran in 2016 which facilitated direct flights specifically from European capitals.  


Rotana Says to Open first Hotel in Iran Soon

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The head of Rotana lodgings gathering, situated in Abu Dhabi, said it arrangements to open its first inn in Iran in under a year.

“We have marked inns in Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. We hope to open our first inn in Mashhad, a holy place city, by the principal quarter of one year from now,” Rotana’s President and CEO Omer Kaddouri stated, Arabian Business given an account of Sunday.

The inn administration organization will have 104 working lodgings by 2020, with 55 at present operational and 49 being worked on, he included.

“Quite a while back, we recognized an objective to open 100 inns by 2020. We will open 17 inns amongst now and the finish of 2018, esteemed at $1bn, which will take the quantity of existing lodgings to 72. What’s more, with another 32 inns opening throughout the following two years, we won’t just accomplish our objective, however outperform it.”

Iran arrangements to enable several lavish inns to be developed the nation over trying to pull in more guests to the Islamic nation.

With a substantial number of appealing common and recorded destinations, Iran is a standout amongst the most touristic nations on the planet.

Guest numbers have taken off since Tehran and the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany) achieved an atomic arrangement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in July 2015 and began actualizing it in January 2016.