Don’t come to IRAN

As there are massive misunderstandings about Iran and Persian culture around the world, Aftab Kalout travel agency tries to introduce the real Iran and the real Persian culture from the eyes of independent tourists who have visited Iran recently in this page. The Videos below are just a few of many more great videos made by independent foreign tourists experiencing wonders of Iran trying to overcome the wrong perception of people about the real and contemporary Iran and its life style.

1- “Don’t go to Iran” is a famous video by ‘Tolt around the world’ YouTube channel showing why Iran is a ‘must see’. This Video is a part of “Don’t go to…” web series.

2- A German girl named Gwen who visited Iran alone shares her amazing experience through this video

3- David Bakker interviews Nynke about her experience as a female tourist in Iran.

4- An Australian tourist speaks about her experience and perception before and after travelling to Iran

5- A great video having artistic time lapses made by Moritz Clauss during his trip to Iran.