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Golestan national park
For the first time in 1958 the jungles located in eastern parts of Golestan province was selected as a protected area. Later in 1976 it was changed to the first national park in the country and now it is the oldest and biggest national park in Iran and one of 50 UNESCO biosphere reserve on the earth.
Golestan National Park with 900 square kiloometer area, has 1350 plant species and 302 animal species including half of the mammals of Iran. It is one of the best natural reserve in middle east.

The Shirabad Waterfall is a waterfall in the northern Iranian village of Shirabad. It is 7 kilometers south of Khanbebin, in the Fenderesk district of Golestan Province and in the slopes of the Alborz mountains in a forested area. This waterfall is in the form of a stairway and includes 12 large and small waterfalls. Its largest waterfall is 30 metres high and its plunge pool is 40 to 80 metres deep.