Iran highlights the arrival of 6.5 million foreign tourists this year

Iran highlights the arrival of 6.5 million foreign tourists this year

Iran aims to attract some 6.5 million foreign travelers by the end of the current calendar year 1396 (March 20, 2018), but the country’s tourism infrastructure and public services need to be improved, Responsible for tourism. In 1395, some 5.5 million travelers visited Iran, recovering about $ 8 billion for the country, said IRNA.

“With proper planning and development of the infrastructure, it is possible to achieve our goals,” said Morteza Rahmani Movahhed, MP for Tourism of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Organization.

“However, it takes time to clean up the county’s international image, which has been tarnished by some Western outlets for years,” the official said.

Following a historic nuclear deal, Tehran and the world powers won in 2015, Iran is repeatedly named as a hot travel destination by a circle of international media in terms of rich history, picturesque landscapes, Traditions, cooking and welcoming people.

Iran’s brilliant goal is to attract 20 million foreign travelers each year by 2025. However, with only eight years to go, according to some experts, the target seems to be somewhat unfeasible.

At present, European travelers, including France, Italy and Germany, who represent the majority of Western tourists, can now obtain visas upon arrival in Tehran and Mingle with tourists from China, Japan and other countries.

The government also announced plans to create sufficient accommodation and transportation for the growing number of tourists. There is a plan to increase the number of upscale hotels from 130 to over 1,000 in 10 years.