Iran ready to cooperate with Muslim countries in medical science

Iran ready to cooperate with Muslim countries in medical science

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Iran is ready to work with Muslim countries in medical science and transfer the expertise in this field, said Minister of Health and Medical Education.

Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi said at the Mashhad 2017 ceremony to mark the investment of the city as the capital of Islamic culture that Iran has made great progress in the scientific fields especially in medicine.

He took 16th place in scientific growth worldwide and for the first time in the number of registered articles in international centers.

He underlined the need to foster relations between the Muslim countries, particularly through the exchange of scientific experience and knowledge.
Muslim countries can pioneer in scientific production and scientific progress in the Union and solidarity, he said.

He also said the Health Overhaul Plan is one of the achievements of the current government. It has positive results, he added.

It led to a reduction in medical costs and was recognized twice by the World Health Organization, he said.

He said the insurance coverage for all Iranians has lowered medical costs by paying the village residents only three percent of medical costs, while urban residents pay six percent.

Qazizadeh called for effective cooperation between Muslim researchers and the Islamic educational, scientific and cultural organization (ISESCO).

The minister said Mashhad has invaluable experiences in health tourism. Annually, a remarkable number of people from neighboring nations travel to Mashhad to get health services, he added.

Mashhad 2017 aims to promote interactions with the Islamic world.

Mashhad was chosen as the Asian Islamic cultural capital of the world in 2017 by ISESCO.