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Kandovan  Village Iranian Cappadocia
The  beautiful and historical Kandovan  Village is placed 22 Km from the city  Oskoo and to Kim Tabriz the pyramid-shaped houses of this Village  have rocky architecture. Due to some researches is history dates  back to the seventh hegiras century, some others showed indications of pre-Islamic era in it . The  existence of mineral water, which emanates from the mountain and is used for  kidney diseases, is one the privileges of Kandovan Villasgs . The unique  characteristics of this village alongside with its pleasant and magnificent nature attracts domestic and foreign tourists regardless of the distance .Kandovan  International Hotel is located at side of the stunning village.

The houses in this beautiful rocky village are not built on the mountain but carved inside the volcanic rocks partially formed by volcanic remains from a strong Mount Sahand eruption hundreds of years ago. The name ‘Kandovan’ is the plural of ‘kandoo’ meaning a bee hive. The houses do indeed look like bee hives as they are all triangular in shape. The village is said to have been built some 700 years ago in the heart of rocks. Locals say it was built as a shelter against Mongols invasion in the 13th century A.D.

Mini Cappadocia
The village is redolent of Cappadocia in Turkey. However, it is far much smaller but more graceful and untapped. What makes Kandovan Village unique is that people are still living in the rocky houses. These cave dwellers are very hospitable and kind.  They may invite you for a tea in their cave-houses!

Memorable Night
Stay overnight and enjoy the tranquility of the village and watch the brilliant twinkling stars. There is an international “rocky” hotel inspired by and connected to the style of the village. You can also spend the night in one of the cave-houses!