Matinabad Eco-Camp

This is maybe the only standard eco-camp in Iran. the standards in this complex are green. The power is provided by solar panels, so as the warm water. The wastes from the camp will be divided and sent to Matin Abad village.

There are organic farms which are the supplies for the food.

They offer safari tours, camel riding, trekking in desert etc…


Matinabad Eco-Camp
You will be greeting at the entering door of the main building which is designed like a  Carnanseraei. The Main building of the Complex is equipped with seven big rooms including  bathroom with Hot showers and flush western toilets,  Wooden beds with soft mattress, air conditioner, refrigerator and a TV set. There are two beds in each room and it is possible to add one extra bed.
Top of the roof, there is an elegant suite located with a similar interior design and facilities of the rooms but with a capacity of minimum four with a panoramic view of the Desert, farms and yards. It is called Shah Neshin (King’s Room). Adorning lush Persian fabrics in elegantly designed rooms with picturesque desert views at Matinabad  Eco-camp complete your Iran trip experience. The interior design of rooms is based on the traditional Iranian desert houses where a combination of thatch, break and plaster is used in decoration.
Matinabad Eco-Camp


Matinabad Eco-Camp
You will stay in an elegant traditional Iranian desert nomad tent equipped with mosquito nets for warm weather and with Korsi (Iranian style heating) or heater for the colder months.Tents are set up on a bench to produce minimal environmental impact while providing an efficient thermal and wind resistant unit, with great exposure to nature in our magnificent area.
The tents are set up with enough space between them to provide adequate privacy. The location is close to the main building, bath and wash rooms. Electricity is available in the tents. Rug, Mattress, Pillow, blanket, and sheets are available according to the number of people reserved for that tent.

Koome ( Hut Room)

Matinabad Eco-Camp
Koomeh in Persian refers to small rooms in a desert that in the past farmers built them to protect their land or hunters to hunt their prey. Matinabad eco-camp has 13 Koomehs now. Mtinabad Koomeh’s are built with brick and muds and the roof has a dome shape for the best natural air circulation in the room. These rooms are equipped with air-conditioners and heaters. Koomehs are supplied by 2-beds that have the possibility of adding one more if needed.