Some comments of Kalout travelers

This email is in praise of Meysam who was our guide throughout the ” Best of Iran Tour” by an American agency Nov. 10-21. Being in Iran for the first time was awesome; however, having Meysam, for a guide made it even more special.
He was very knowledgeable about all the sites we visited and shared interesting information with our group. His command of the English language was excellent and therefore he was easy to understand.

Meysam was with us from the first day to the last and really looked out for us. He treated us with great respect and professionalism; no question was unanswered.
He went out of his way to show us interesting local sites like a special coffee house or take us to the merchants that had the best quality and price for what we were looking to buy.
We just wished he was with us every step of the way and stayed in the same hotel as we did. His input really made for a rewarding trip.
D. Petronis

Had a great trip. Our tour guide was absolutely fantastic, Meysam made the trip.
Would have liked more time in the south, Shiraz, as I was told there was quite a lot to see there that we missed. Also although it was a nice thought Iran is a little bit advanced for gifts like pens and pencils to be given out to the children.
I took a large assortment of items but found few opportunities to give items out, unlike say in mid Africa where the children and schools are ill supplied.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit such a interesting country.
I would certainly recommend your agency for anyone I might have interested in Iran.
Ch. Bolton