“We will defeat the global isolating forces”: WTO’s head

“We will defeat the global isolating forces”: WTO’s head

Tehran (ISNA) – World Tourism Organization Secretary General Taleb Rifai said Saturday, the forces that wanted to isolate people, darkness and ban the journey of people would be defeated.

“No country wants to build a wall and isolate itself.” We come together to build a bridge and welcome open borders to people from all over the world, “said Rifai at the 17th World Federation of Tourist Guides Association (WFTGA) International Convention Tehran. “We should recognize the differences between people, and in every position, our goal should be to make the world better.”

His remarks came after the new US President Donald Trump ordered the construction of a US-Mexican border wall and restricted access to refugees and visitors from Muslim majority countries.

In his speech, Rifai referred to Iran and said, “Iran is a country with a rich culture and a beautiful nature.” Tehran is an extraordinary city, and when you think of Iran and Teheran, amazing images come to mind. “

“Iran is a rich country. It is better for every traveler to be familiar with its culture, people, mosques, crafts and delicious food.”