10 Advantages of traveling to Iran

10 Advantages of traveling to Iran ( Americans’ point of view )

A US news agency wrote in a report outlining the 10 advantages of traveling to Iran.These days are beginning of an endless period of foreign tourists flooding into Iran.
You may be thinking of choosing a unique and interesting tourist destination.In this report, we provide 10 reasons why you should overcome your hesitation and travel to Iran as soon as possible:


1. Iran is safe

Is the trip to Iran safe?You travel to Iran individually or in groups,you are woman or man,you arrive day or night.In any way you enter Iran is a safe country for tourism.
I traveled to this country with my friend for 2 weeks, and went overnight on a bus from city to city.According to my observations, since women at night can travel easily in Iranian cities, I can assure you that Iran is a safe country.

2- Iran is well known
Iran has been introduced by many authorities as one of the most popular travel destinations.I can only tell you that these days are the beginning of an endless period of foreign tourists flooding into Iran.

3. Hospitality
Iranian people due their culture are hospitable people.From Tehran to Tabriz, when you meet the Iranians, they invite you to their home.Of course, you should be familiar with the persian Compliments tradition of the Iranian people before traveling.Because you might want to get off the taxi,Encounter the driver,and say goodbye to him, without paying the rent, because of the uninformedness of this tradition.


4. Ancient history
Persepolis is the most famous historical place of Iran.But it is not the only historical place in this country.From old persia up to Modern Iran,It is a long historical journey that you can experience by traveling to this country and viewing monuments of different periods.




5. Iranian Architecture

If you look at a mosque, a palace or an Iranian market, you will see fine ornaments.It is not important whether you are inside or outside an Iranian building.In any case, the elite Iranian architecture is definitely something that attracts you as a tourist.

6. Handi Crafts
Each of the provinces, cities and even villages of Iran has its own specialty.In Yazd you will buy a beautiful cashmere,In Tabriz, you buy rugs and in Isfahan beautiful decorations and tiles.Anywhere in Iran you can go home with a unique souvenir.


7-Iranian food
From pistachios to black tea from saffron to kebab,all Iranian Foods are addictive,And you will go back them again.But if you ask about the most delicious Iranian food, Pistachio and Baghlava(Iranian sweets) are the best.Some foods as Ghorme Sabzi are national and you can find them anywhere.But some foods are special in certain areas of Iran,like Mirza Ghasemi in North of Iran.


8. Cheap

Due to sanctions or the result of the devaluation of the national currency, travel to Iran is now very cheap.A train journey from Tehran to Tabriz is 10 euros and a bus trip from Ardabil to Lahijan is less than 6 euros.The cost per night in a 4 star hotel is around 130 (2017)euros.

9-Quiet space
Iran’s atmosphere is very calm,You can easily take photos in many places.The Iranians are very sociable and very happy to be your next subject for taking photo.



10-Experience a truly trustable trip
The Iranians flaunt their culture and traditions.They never lose the opportunity. To explain what you can see, eat, hear, and … in different parts of Iran.
The country of Iran, with its rich culture and civilization, is the only place where you have to travel there for a better understanding and  getting know it.