Achaemenid gold necklace with the Egyptian god

Achaemenid gold necklace with the Egyptian god
By Saeed Mousavi
In the fifth century BC, the same style of art and architecture that derives from the tradition of English was invented by people who lived under the Achaemenid Empire, of including people such as Ionians Greek, Lydian and Mesopotamian and Egyptian peoples named.

These ornaments have many forms and not only  women but also other men and the regime persons had been useing them and this is founded by the form of them.
For example Achaemenid gold necklace, forms of horsemen and warriors can be seen as a result Surely this necklace belonged to a man. Since the necklace also has pictures of riders ahead is probably the necklace from the man’s court.
This necklace is full of iconic images, made with elements of Achaemenid.In the middle of the image of the god necklace “Bes”, the god of the ancient Egyptians to be seen.

Bes was Very famous among the Egyptians as the god of marriage and has the protective role for the lady of the house and home affairs and children’s clothes.
Icons of God cease to be surrounded around with plaques on the motifs of horse-riders form ,In the end, the motifs of lotus flower is visible.
The gold necklace belonging to the Achaemenid era, 2,600 years ago. it is 85.9 cm and is made by pure gold.