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Iran Bastan museum pictorial book

Iran Bastan museum pictorial book (National museum of Iran), Selected for the best pictorial book of Iran by the Congress of Prominent figures of the tourism industry 2017.

Iran Bastan Museum (National museum)Through Reza Goudarzi’s lens.
(Selected for the best pictorial book of Iran by the Congress of Prominent figures of the tourism industry 2017 in the National library of Iran)

Mr. JIm mcIntosh from NewZeland, first recipient of the book outside of Iran.

All around the world museums are one of the most interesting places for tourists. However, there are so many different museums to visit with so many different objects in the museums that tourist never have enough time to waiting, look, read and save the informations and take photos. Some of the areas in the museums are missed or even forgotten to be looked at.

With museum tours, the tour guides tend to skip around to different areas or tend to rush to provide all the visitors with a small tour. They also want to make sure all the museums are visited before time runs out.

However, having a pictorial book of the museums with information on the items of museum can make your trip more enjoyable.  You can also share a part of Iran’s history with beautiful photos of monuments and natural sites. If you ever want to go back and revisit your trip, all you have to do is open the book and see the wonderful places you have visited.
National museums of Iran consist of Iran Bastan museum (Ancient Iran museum) and Islamic Museum. These complexes are the largest and most important museums in Iran.
The “Iran Bastan Museum Through Reza Goudarzi’s Lens” was published by Reza Goudarzi’s after Nowruz of 1396. It includes 152 pages of high glossy photos. The hard cover book is 24-34 centimeters thick with over 400 photos of items in the museum and 20 landscape shots of monumental places. The book includes both English and Persian language.
You can find the photos of the items and well as a short history of each era. The book include the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, the Bronza & Elamite age, the Iron age, the Achaemenids, the Seleucids, the Parthians and the Sasanids periods.
From the photos in the book you can point out the Statute of Darius, Human Headed Capital (Lamassu), the Audience Hall Scene (from Persepolis), Archer on Glazzed Bricks, Bronze Statue of a Parthian Nobelman, Salt man, Stucco & Musaics of Sasanids, Bones & tools from the Paleolithic and the Neolithic period, Pottery beakers of Susa, the Bull statue of Tchogha Zanbil, The first document navigation from Chogha Mish, Elamite Tablets, the First Animation of the world from Shahr-e-Sukhteh. You can also find objects from historical sites such as Jiroft, Shahdad and Sialk.

The 20 landscape photos (Full pages) in the book include monumental places such as Persepolis & Pasargadae (Pars), Bisotun (Kermanshah), Tapeh Sialk  (Kashan), Engravings of Naqsh-e-Rostam (Pars), The tower of silence of Zoroastrain (Yazd), Anahita temple (Bishapur), Sar-e-Yazd castle (Yazd), Takht-e-Soleyman (Takab city), Khorhe (Markazi province), Narin castle (Meybod), Anahita temple (Kangavar), Tappeh Hasanlu (Naqadeh), Ziggurat Chogha Zanbil (Khuzestan) and Shekarchian cave (Bisotun).

We hope this book will be as exciting and absorbing as the museum itself for those who will wish to learn about the Iranian culture and history.

This book is a great item to gift to family and friends or even something to show at home. To check out sample pages of this book please contact us or visit the following links: