Iran Eager to Receive Albanian Tourism Investors

Iran Eager to Receive Albanian Tourism Investors
TEHRAN (MNA) – Iranian Vice President Ahmadipour said Iran would welcome Albanian investors to build the tourist infrastructure.
Zahra Ahamadipour, Vice-President and Head of Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism, made the comments on Sunday at a meeting with the visiting Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati.
She pointed out that the country would support the investment of foreign parties, as the positive atmosphere is available in accordance with the Joint Action Plan (JCPOA).
She also expressed the willingness to hold exhibitions, conferences, and encourage interaction between artists from both countries.
The official expressed the hope that Teheran and Tirana would resume cooperation after two decades and consider expanding cultural relations as a prerequisite for deepening bilateral relations or strengthening political cooperation.
Ahmadipour and pointed out the excellent ability to exchange tourists between Iran and Albania and declared that Iran is a country with a rich cultural heritage and an ancient history that has provided great opportunities in historical and cultural tourism, especially the world European.
At the meeting, Albania’s Bushati also underlined that his visit to Iran, in response to his country’s readiness to strengthen relations with Iran in all areas.