Kashan a impressive town | For all seasons | affordable and wonderful


Kashan a spectacular city, For all seasons, cheap and beautiful
Kashan is the city of Golab (Rose water) and the birthplace of famous Iranian artists.

Kashan is one of the oldest cities in Iran.This city is located close to Tehran, so access to this historic city is very easy and fast.Tourism Capacity, Natural, Historical, Different weather in parts, Flowers and Vegetables, Different mountainous geography, FinalyCool and green space to the desert and hot areas … attracts every visitor and finally you can understand a variety of climatic features in a small range.

By one day tour in Kashan, you can visit all historical sites of this city and also some beautiful countryside around Kashan.
So join us on this one-day tour:

How we go:
You can use the passenger terminals in the north ( Beyhaghi ) and south ( South Terminal ) of Tehran for going to Kashan.Several highways between Tehran and Kashan and Isfahan have made it easy to get to the city.

Places to visit:
This historic city with more than 8,000 years history, also with dozens of monuments can be a perfect tourist day for you.

Sialk hills:
Silak hills are the name of the first urban civilization in central plateau of Iran with over 8,000 years of history.Sialk is one of the historical places after the Jiroft civilization of Kerman on the Iranian plateau.

FIn Garden:
One of the most beautiful Persian gardens and the coronation place of a number of Persian kings.This garden with over 23,000 square meters is one of the oldest gardens in Iran, which dates back to the Safavid period(1502–1736).

Old Houses:

Kashan is very famous for its beautiful houses in the cities of Iran.The most beautiful houses in Iran with, beautiful architecture, nice decorations, mirror-works, as well as other architectural features in these houses can be viewed.These houses are the Jem of Kashan architectural.Some of these houses have changed to House/Hotel like Amery Hotel, Manouchehri House, Irani house or Noghli house that you can have a dreamy night in these homes.

This city is one of the religious cities of Iran and has a variety of beautiful mosques which With its beautiful architecture, attracts the attention of every tourist.

Bazaar of Kashan:
Bazaar of Kashan is an old bazaar in the center of the city of Kashan, Iran. It is thought to have been built in the Seljuk era with renovations during the Safavid period.The bazaar has a famous architecture, especially at its Timche-ye Amin od-Dowleh section, where a grand light well was built in the 19th century.

Getting around Kashan:

Abyaneh village: .This village is located 40 km from Kashan.
This historical village is very famous for its architectural style and traditional folk culture.Every year, thousands of tourists visit this historic village.

Nyasar village: This village is one of the mountainous regions of Kashan.This mountain village has a cool climate
Which in summer is one of Kashan’s bungalow?Also in this area, you can find historical monuments like Sassanid fire temple ,Reis cave, and Niasar Waterfall.

Qamsar: The capital of Iran flower and rose water.
This lush valley is located 60 km from Kashan
Every year in a special event in April, thousands of liters of rose water are obtained from the flowers of this city.
Salt Lake Aran and Bidgol: karvanseraiIt is located 35 km northeast of Aran and Bidgol city and is about 647 square kilometers.The depth of this lake varies from 5 to 54 meters.The beauties of Maranjab desert are vast Aran & Bidgol Salt Lake with its wonderful Floating Island (its call floating because it is as if there is a lost ship in the vast horizon of the desert), huge sand dunes and tamarisk trees forest. caravanserai with a pool of water in front of it in this area which is a camping point of Maranjab desert. To enjoy the touch of the sands on your fingers while walking bare foot on the sand hills and watching the dawn of the sun among the Tamarisk trees and sunset far far away, behind the horizon of the salt lake and unforgettable desert night ski where you can pick stars, stay in this desert one n.ight.

What to buy: Rose water and herbs, Pottery, Baghlava (Sweet) and the most important of them Kashani carpet are the souvenirs of Kashan.