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Matinabad herbal extracts festival

For the first time Matinabad Eco-Camp and Organic Farm is going to have a local herbal extracts festival on Thursday August 25, 2016.
To remain loyal to our values of establishing Matinabad eco-camp, that is improving quality factors of local people’s lives and preserving valuable occupations, we grow plants and flowers and extract them using the skills of our local farmers and labor.
Drinking great quality and fresh rose water, sweetbrier extract, peppermint extract, and Sisymbrium irio syrup accompanied by live traditional music at the camp will make your evening fresh and aromatic like the roses from our own garden. The eco-camp’s restaurant will serve a meal different from the day’s special to leave a more vivid memory of the event for you.   
Herbal oil and extracts have been used as a medicine to heal body and soul in Iran since antiquity. To follow the footsteps of our ancestors we want to emphasize on the benefits of natural extracts and get our dear guests to know the pleasant taste of plants.
Join us on the last days of summer and treat yourself by our natural and organic herbal teas and a variety of floral extractions at this festival. We will give you the experience of heaven in the middle of desert by making a magical drink of rosewater and peppermint extract.