Food tourism

Food tourism or “searching stomach” is a delicious experience of travel
Food tourism is one of the types of tourism that can play an important role in attracting tourists.This kind of tourism is related to the customs and culture of countries.It is attractive to visitors who travel from other countries of the world with different culture and also are ready to experience their culture and customs.Food tourism is currently generating $ 200 billion in revenue.

Important countries in food tourism
The main market for this tourism is in Europe and North America, and in Germany, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Scandinavia and the United States.The countries that compete with each other and are trying to get a good foothold on the market: Spain, France and Italy in Europe and Japan, India, and Thailand in Asia.

Food tourism, or as the Iranians say, “searching stomach” is a tourist style, which has been a tourist attraction for many years, and every year number of tourists travel with the aim of experiencing new flavors.

Iranian Food Scientists believe there are over 2,500 types of foods and 109 types of beverages and bread and sweets in Iran.Although the Iranian Cooking style is one of the three main schools of food alongside the Roman and Chinese cooking style and the vast geographical area of our country has caused to have a lot of food, but unfortunately, but, Unfortunately, the native foods of Iran are still unknown, and they do not know how Iranian ladies wonder in their kitchens.

Our country, with its diverse climates and subcultures, has the potential to become a destination for food tourists.Guilan province is one of the provinces that has been considered for this purpose from many years ago, and the province was introduced as the first destination for food tourism.

In fact, no matter your travel destination, You’re sure to have a wonderful, memorable and delicious local cuisine at your destination.Unfortunately, this important feature has not been considered and has not become a tourist attraction in Iran.