Sizdeh Bedar ~ 13th Day of Nowruz Iran Nature Day



Sizdeh Bedar ~ 13th Day of Nowruz
Iran Nature Day
Spring in Iran is truly the season of renewal of nature’s life. The pleasant fragrance of flowers of spring has spread all over Iran. Seedlings emerged from the soil and lawn-like green velvets has covered gardens and plains.

Mountains are full of colorful flowers whereas the yellow, white and red flowers amidst the green lawn have granted a specific beauty to the nature of spring.



Iran is home to numerous climates, every part of which welcomes eco-tourists. The Iranian people are highly interested in nature which is a divine blessing. Watching the green landscapes, coupled with pondering in the power and glory of God are parts of benefits of presence in the green and beautiful nature. The holy Quran considers the scene of creation as the display of God’s glory and magnificence, and in many ayahs invites mankind to ponder in the nature so that he realizes the profound wisdom, prudence, and management of God Almighty. Therefore, the Iranian families, inspired by the Islamic culture, view and respect the nature as one of the great divine blessings. In various opportunities, the Iranians spend their times in the nature and try to keep it clean.

Throughout the initial days of spring in Iran, people visit their relatives and friends. Today is 13th of the Iranian month of Farvardin, referred to as The Day of Nature, which marks the end of Norouz celebrations. On this day, according to an ancient Iranian tradition, people leave their home and spend the day outdoors to enjoy the nature, far from the anxieties of the everyday life. They also take with them some foods such as nuts, fruits and even their lunch. This raises a golden opportunity to describe parts of Iran’s green landscapes.

The Caspian Sea coastal belt, coupled with its thick and attractive forests, citrus fruit groves, tea farms, paddy fields and wooden houses with ceramic roofs is very beautiful. Therefore, many of the Iranian holidaymakers spend the Iranian New Year in this blessed region. The region of “Kelardasht”, which lies 50 kilometers from of the Caspian Sea in northern Iran, at a 1,000-meter altitude above the sea level, is a tourist attraction site for the eco-tourists, who long for the beauties of this region. In this region, the “Velesht” lake is engulfed by Alborz Mountains, creating a unique landscape.

On The Day of Nature, the residents of Iran’s mountainous regions attend foothills to enjoy the moderate climate of these regions in spring. The high mountains blanketed with snow, deep valleys, springs, wonderful waterfalls and the natural oak forests are among the wonders of nature in Zagros mountainous regions in western Iran. Ealam province, given its natural beauties and rainfalls throughout these days, is decorated with bushes, and flowers, attracting a large number of eco-tourists to these scenic landscapes.  Upon seeing the natural beauties of Ealam, we are further touched by the infinite divine glory.

Spring season in Shiraz in southwestern Iran is familiar to all, especially those who have come to this city. All have heard of beauty of spring in this city.

When the breeze flows on pine, and orange trees, one can see the power and glory of God in the delicacy of flowers.
On the Day of Nature, the attractive nature of spring in Shiraz attracts holidaymakers to this beautiful city, leaving them with ever-lasting memories of Shirazi people’s hospitality.

The beautiful Golestan Kuh plain in the vicinity of Khansar city in Isfahan province is another place which attracts the lovers of nature on this day. In spring, the rare species of red and yellow tulips and many medical herbs adorn Golestan Kuh. The springs in various parts of this area add to its beauty and freshness. Exactly on this time in southern Iran on the shores of the Persian Gulf, the pleasant weather and the sunshine grant a specific attractiveness to the port cities as well as Qeshm and Kish islands. Nature lovers in this part of Iran witness the species of colorful fish in the waters around Kish Island.

The heights around the capital Tehran have today turned into recreational regions for tourists, mountaineers, and athletes. On the nature day, the regions surrounding Tehran such as Suleqan, Darband, and Farahzad, are host to families, who enjoy the blessed nature on this day.

Every year, several organizations in various Iranian cities try to turn the nature day into a day full of happiness and security. Therefore, they prepare certain programs for people in parks so that people end the last day of holidays in a friendly atmosphere, and refresh themselves in the New Year.