Trekking Iran’s Lut abandon: a wild, remote experience – in pictures

Iran’s Dasht-e Lut with its mammoth rises, salt fields and kaluts gives an epic excursion of amazing magnificence and wild, as found in these pictures

Iran’s Lut abandon is a powerful place of moving sands and wind-impacted shake arrangements. It is the setting for an epic trek offered by Secret Compass. Here a gathering cross the Mega-Dunes on the eastern flank of the Dasht-e-Lut.
The trekking group assembles to the western edge of the Mega-Dunes.
Support vehicles race across the flat desert plain heading towards the Eye of the Lut.
Pillars of fossilised escarpments in the Eye of the Lut.
Star Dune fields west of the Eye of the Lut.
Remnants of fossilised dune fields west of the Star Dunes.
Descending towards the Kalut valleys of the western Dasht-e-Lut.
Plain leading to the broken escarpments of the Kaluts.
Search for a passageway through the Kalut field.
The Kalut fields nearing the western edge of the Dasht-e-Lut.