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A Pure Greenland That with no Intermediary Resurrection You in Every Spring: Saqalaksar Dam

Greenland of North of Iran is a place to peaceful and appreciate unadulterated nature. Through this article, we will travel

to one of Rasht’s towns called Saqalaksar, town unadulterated town with a delightful lake flaunts like a pearl among tall and green trees. In the event that you are scanning for unadulterated and obscure spots and

need to make tracks in an opposite direction from the turmoil of the town and invest some energy in total peace and simply hear the sound of nature and watch twist moving upon a lake surface, put Saqalaksaa town in your need to go at end of spring.Saqalaksar is a touristic and appealing town for all, particularly for ecotourists.

Saqalaksar is a town in Rasht County, Gilan Province, situated in 15km south of Rasht City in Lakan provincial region. From past to the present the vast majority of the town are involved in rice cultivating, red fish cultivating, and pisciculture.Near Aqa-Seied Sharif Mausoleum, close Shaft County, there are a few lakes with captivating natures. Saqalaksar is one of the greatest lakes of this locale, situated close Chomacha town and Saqalaksar town; the lake draws in each passer to its interesting perspective. Water of Saqalak-sar Dam Lake is given by air precipitation and spring wellsprings of that district. The elevation of the lake from ocean level is 64 the m,length of the lake is 600m and its width is 500m. “Saqalaksar” signifies “a place where fowls drink water”. Before, winged creatures like stork and starling drank water from spring wellsprings of the town; therefore, the town is called “Saqalaksar”. The lake has fifteen hectares territory. With breathtaking scene, Saqalaksar town is loaded with quiet of a lake encompassed by sky tall timberland trees. Aside from the lake, this town has numerous other normal attractions, you simply need to visit the town and get comfortable with its kind inviting individuals. Rice fields and possess a scent reminiscent of paddies with their brilliant groups in collect season gives an exceptional view to the town. Saqalaksar dam has its own particular excellence in each season, however in spring the possess a scent reminiscent of rain on paddies delights everybody. Go out for a stroll around the lake amid your visit, and in the event that you are occupied with angling, you can pleasurably do it there. There are heaps of fish in the lake. In the lake you can utilize dinghy. Another fascination of the town is its cleanliness. One of the critical factor of such cleanliness is a venture keep running by Islamic Counsel of the Village, in view of that they charge guests three thousand Tomans at time of their landing and give them a junk sack so as to not leave their junks and squanders in nature and place them in the waste packs; if guests at their withdraw time convey their junk packs to the administrator, he convey back two thousand Tomans to them. Such compelling and motivator prize is the principle reason of no junk in this excellent town.

In one side of the dam there are huge fields and you would tranquility be able to stay there and watch sky tall trees which resemble an umbra upon the lake and multiplied its magnificence. This quiet lake secured with green woods welcomes everybody to peace and

magnificence. It is fascinating to realize that Saqalaksar dam was the area where the motion picture “Mahi Va Gorbeh” (Fish and Cat) was shooting. You can get to the town from 10 kilometers of

Jirdeh Road, after Aqa-saied Sharif Mausoleum, Saqalaksar Touristic Village. Additionally, from Qazvin-Rasht, after police headquarters, Junction toward Fooman, the town is available.