Nakhcheer Cave

Chal-Nakhjir Cave

In the event that you travel from Isfahan to Tehran or the other way around, on your way close Dilijan, Delijanone of the great wonders of the world calls you toward itself. Amongst NarDilijan Town, appropriate in a place where depleting summer warmth of Heram Village, on the off chance that you venture inside a multi-million years of age, give in, Chal-Nakhjir Cave, notwithstanding for a few minutes, it is as though you venture in another season. It is correct, Chal-Nakhjir or Nakhcheer Cave is one of the marvels of creation that unexpected each person. This live regular multi-million years of age phenomenon was found amid investigations of Regional Water Organization of Dilijan District, at that point after reproduction of passage and inside lighting and building stairs to get to the give in, this place turned into a vacation destination that draws in loads of sightseers and guests.

Truth be told, the primary structure of the give in is fundamentally the same as Ali-Sadr Cave in Hamedan City and Province, and the main distinction is their shape and inside surface, not their materials. On one hand, Ali-Sadr Cave has consistent water and to visit the surrender, guests need to utilize vessels, while, 15 degree it is not valid about Chal-Nakhjir Cave. Guests in Chal-Nakhjir Cave can walk effortlessly inside and appreciate watching its marvels.

The temperature on Chal-Nakhjir Cave is aro15-degree centigrade. Inside lighting, intriguing gems and limestone of the surrender ponder each guest. The dynamicity of the give in is the end goal that is like clockwork 3cm are add to its lime precious stones. Therefore, Chal-Nakhjir Cave is viewed as alive among geologists. Recreation of this marvel and introducing twisting stairs through its way encourage going to 1200 meters of the surrender for guests. Calcareous surface, stalactites, wipe calcites, coral gardens, various passageways, and lakes are different marvels of this stunning wonder and every one of them make many astounding shapes, for example, blessed messenger’s wing, horsehead, Chehel Cheragh (hallway of numerous lights), Macaroni, and footballers. Because of the absence of light and nourishment, there is no live being inside the give in. Normal inward air ventilation amid summer and winter is another ponder of such astounding hollow; subsequently, the buckle is cool amid summer and it is warm amid winter, and furthermore, guests never confront absence of oxygen amid their visit.

In 2002, the buckle has been enrolled in National Heritage Organization of Iran, and by endeavors of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Markazi Province, intriguing minutes are given for guests brief offices and shocking perspectives. It is worth to say that keeping in mind the end goal to secure and protect such great common marvel, conveying any versatile gadgets, for example, sack, knapsack,camera, foodstuffs, and so forth are averted. It is exceptionally prescribed to visit this awesome place particularly to the individuals who are keen on eco-tourism.