Italian Photographer Portrays Use of Science and Math in Persian Architecture
The Italian photographer Massimo Rumi spent a month admiring the breathtaking ancient mosques and bazaars of Iran, taking stunning photographs of Islamic buildings that show how Persian architects used science and mathematics in their works.

According to an IFP report, these breathtaking images show how a photographer explored Iran for one month to understand science and mathematics behind the “divine beauty” of Islamic buildings.
After reading an article on the use of certain conditions and geometries in Persian architecture, Massimo Rumi was fixed on the idea of traveling from his home country Italy to Iran.
He took his trip in November 2016 and only intended that it remain for 10 days, but the travel freedom in Iran and friendliness of the locals, made him decide to stay longer, Daily Mail reported.
During this time, the photographer visited the oldest and most breathtaking mosques and bazaars in the world.
He said, “Iran’s visit has always been to me, not only to admire the incredible mixture of colors and geometric patterns of many Iranian buildings, but to learn more about one of the oldest civilizations in the world.”
“The holy grail of Persian architecture are Isfahan and Shiraz, but everywhere you go you find something that will surprise and amaze you.”
Here are some his wonderful photos of Persian architecture: