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Coinage in Iran

In ancient times, coins were minted as means of governmental or religious propagations and rarely as fixed means of facilitating business. Little by little, people got to find out money’s real function. Since then, people started to exchange money for goods. Therefore, money minting began as the production craft by the local as well as […]

Radif of Iranian Music Inscribed | Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iran

  The radif of Iranian music refers to the arrangement of old melodic figures, songs and Iranian classical music which are called “gusheh” (short pieces of melody). In October 2009, the radif of Iranian Classical Music, a traditional repertory of Iranian classical music was inscribed in UNESCO’s list as an intangible cultural heritage of Iran. In […]

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Malek historic mansion | The Malek House

Malek historic mansion Malek historic mansion This large mansion was built with command of malek o-tojar, a great merchant , in bushehr, in Qajar era. during one of his trips to Paris he loved one of his friend’s house , then decided to have the same one in bushehr, so he hired the architecture of […]

National Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden National Botanical Garden iran Iran (also known as Persia) is one of the biggest countries in South-west Asia covering an area of 1.6 million km². Iran is the 18th largest country in the world which roughly equals that of the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany combined, or somewhat more than the […]


Naranjestan Ghavam

Naranjestan Ghavam The Ghavam family were rulers of Fars region in Qajar era. Naranjestan means garden of sour orange in Persian. Naranjestan e Ghavam (Ghavam’s House) is the name of a famous building located in Shiraz, Iran. This masterpiece is a good sample of Persian architecture was built between 1879 and 1886 AD. and was […]

Rudafshah Cave | Cave of Wonders

Rudafshah Cave | Cave of Wonders   This cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Iran, located near Tehran.To reach the main door of the cave,Some hiking and walking are necessary.The walking path inside the cave is about 1000 meters.Along this path, you can see the beautiful natural scenery of the rocks and […]


Hafezieh is the most popular historic-cultural site in Iran

Hafezieh is the most popular historic-cultural site in Iran     Hafezieh is one of the most popular poets in Iran, as well as the most well-known Iranian poet in the world.Every year, millions of tourists visit the mausoleum of this famous Iranian poet.Based on the latest census of 20 historical sites, The Hafezia mausoleum […]

The oldest wedding ring – IRAN TRAVEL, TRIP TO IRAN

The oldest wedding ring Getting the wedding ring is one of the oldest and most universal traditions.This is a very old tradition. In fact, nobody can tell the right time about it.But the use of it, in the form of a “ring”, as the mark of perfection and its relationship with two people’s intercourse, was […]

An innovative approach in music tourism

An innovative approach in music tourism Music, as the manifestation of human’s emotion is present in all aspects of his life; wedding, funeral, feast, work and war, therefore it best represents the culture of a society. Music as the common language of human beings binds people all over the world together in spite of their […]

What are the problems of Muslim tourists?

What are the problems of Muslim tourists? Fear of misconduct, misconceptions and inappropriate behaviors of other people will always create stress for Muslim tourists.During the journey, Muslim tourists must always wait for some of the problems and concerns that may occur to them. Nowadays, with the expansion of social networks and media, Muslims are more […]