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Top Tips for Traveling to Iran and Things to Know

Top Tips for Traveling to Iran and Things to Know Long history, outstanding architecture, elegant gardens, delicious foods, hospitable people, astonishing landscapes, and remarkable wildlife all represent Iran as a great destination to explore. Then, if you wish to travel with the purpose of making friends, seeing amazing beaches, enjoying magnificent architecture, feeling the mystery […]

Top Iran Desert Tour Ideas

Thinking about Iran, you may imagine it as a vast desert without any tree where people move using camels. Thanks to western media propaganda, this is the first image most of westerner who have little information about Iran or have not travelled to Iran may have. Though this image is wrong, part of it is […]

Meybod Inscribed as World City of Zilu

Meybod as the main center of weaving Zilu, a light Persian rug and one of the oldest handicrafts of Yazd, is being inscribed as the World City of Handicraft. The traditional Iranian carpet, Zilu, was inscribed on the list of National Treasures of Iran two years ago and the process of listing Meybod on the […]


Hamedan is a great ancient city to visit. As it is a historical and attractive place to tourists. Hamedan history dates back to 1100 BC. There are many nice landmarks that attract people from all over the world. And nature places attract tourists. The best landmark in Hamedan is Ali Sadr Cave which is worldly […]

Chehel Sotoun Palace of Qazvin

One of the most important monuments of Safavid era is Chehel Sotoun or Kolah Farangi edifice in Qazvin located in the middle of a large garden and it is one of the remaining royal palaces of the Shah Tahmasp era. The building was known as Kolah Farangi (when Qazvin was the capital) in the Safavid […]

Vakil Bazaar

Shiraz is known as the city of poetry, passion and love; it’s like an old quilt composed of pieces with various patterns and designs. Shiraz’s is a journey to innumerable attractions visiting all of which takes days. Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rustam, gardens such as Delgosha, Afifabad, Narenjestan-e Ghavam and Eram, Hafiz and Saadi’s tombs, Citadel of […]

The Persian Garden

Diversity of designs and exclusive architectural styles in Persian gardens symbolizes the image of Eden with four Zoroastrian elements of sky, earth, water and plants. Persian garden with three certain features and an exclusive design is globally well-known as outstanding example of Persian culture: (1) located along the water stream; (2) surrounded by high walls; […]

Vakil Bath

Vakil bath is the most famous Bath in Shiraz which is one of the Karim Khan Zand monuments built by his order in the Shah Square neighborhood, next to the Vakil Mosque and its infrastructure is about 8660 meters, 120 meters long and 80 meters wide, in 1187 AH. This large bathroom has the most […]